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Tier One: Facilitated Access CAPP Membership


Tier One membership supports strong CAPP member affiliations with UC Davis primarily through shared information and general educational opportunities. Tier One provides crucial funds to build a unit’s core programs and to support the delivery of program benefits. The membership is categorized as a gift for accounting and tax purposes.

Program Characteristics

  • Designed to support a broad-based and active partnership that keeps the industry partner up-to-date and fully engaged with the program’s research, education and outreach activities.
  • Industry partners are granted facilitated access to information from the program, typically through periodic meetings on campus and at their sites, conferences and/or workshops and the distribution of publications and presentations.
  • Industry partners are not included in decisions about ongoing program research, and partners do not participate in research directly.
  • Provides a key mechanism for an industry partner to assist a UC Davis program with the crucial funding it needs to expand programs in areas of strong mutual interest.

Potential Member Benefits

  • Annual overview of center-related activities and research interests.
  • Company-specific briefings on campus and via site visits by faculty, researchers and graduate students.
  • Access to members-only website.
  • Receipt of periodic program newsletters, publications and presentations.
  • Opportunity to develop and sponsor courses tailored to the partner’s interest.
  • Access to sponsored conferences, workshops and meetings.
  • Assistance in arranging for visiting scholars from industry partners to a program-associated research unit.
  • Access to faculty, students and research staff through program events.
  • Assistance in identification of students for potential employment (full-time and internships) and participation in student recruitment/showcase sessions.
  • Membership benefits do not include the support for specific research programs, and intellectual property terms are likewise not included in Tier One member benefits.
  • Appointment of a CAPP member’s representative to the program’s advisory committee (committee does not vote on any program-directing matters).

Funds Administration

  • UC Davis’ 6% gift fee is assessed on each membership; primary campus funds processing is handled through the central Development gift processing system.
  • Industry members in Tier One may take a tax deduction for this category of support.
  • No indirect cost is recovered by UC Davis on Tier One support.