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Tier Three: Research Support CAPP Partners


Tier Three members become sponsors and collaborators in research of specific interest to their corporation. Industry sponsors who are also Tier One or Tier Two members are able to establish closer links to the research programs across the campus. Membership in a CAPP and sponsorship of Tier Three project-specific research provides corporate partners with opportunities for a broader collaboration with UC Davis researchers and access to facilities. Sponsors have same rights (e.g. access to resulting intellectual property) and responsibilities (e.g., providing full direct and federally negotiated indirect costs) applicable to typical research agreements sponsored by corporate entities.

Program Characteristics

  • Industry-confidential information will not be shared with other CAPP members to the extent allowable by California law.
  • Technology jointly developed by UC Davis and Tier Three partner will be jointly owned.
  • Joint publication of research results is encouraged.

Potential Member Benefits

  • In addition to Tier One and Tier Two benefits, Tier Three members sponsor specific projects within the program. Corporate partners receive facilitated guidance in establishing a sponsored research project. These projects follow university-governed sponsored project guidelines.
  • Tier Three member may receive a range of intellectual property rights and will typically have a first option to an exclusive or non-exclusive license to new technology.
  • Access to university facilities and instrumentation on a recharge basis.

Funds Administration

  • Agreement and funds processing is handled through the UC Davis Office of Research.
  • Federally negotiated indirect cost applicable to “organized research” applies.