Office of Research Tier Two: Member-Requested Initiatives CAPP Membership - Office of Research

Tier Two: Member-Requested Initiatives CAPP Membership


Tier Two partners request and provide input into specific projects for which funding is provided.

Program Characteristics

  • Provides industry partners with input into use of the funds provided.
  • Each member has a position on an advisory board, with voting rights.
  • Industry partners are granted early access to research results that is supported by its funding.
  • When applicable, intellectual property that may be developed from the direct support of a Tier Two member’s support will be addressed in a special agreement between the company and the UC Davis Office of Research.

Potential Member Benefits

  • All Tier One benefits.
  • Join with other Tier Two members in consortiums organized by the CAPP.
  • Define company-specific projects accepted by the CAPP’s director, such as topic reviews, technology evaluations, special meetings related to company planning questions and joint development of papers.
  • Limited intellectual property rights in licensing technologies developed within the CAPP, including: shared right to co-exclusively license technologies developed under the aegis of the CAPP or in some cases non-exclusive royalty-free license options. All Tier Two consortia members receive the same intellectual property benefits.
  • Leverage membership support by gaining access to research programs supported by the entire CAPP.
  • Select topic briefings and opportunity to develop a topic briefing for industry partner’s specific interest.
  • Access to research, CAPP-sponsored conferences or workshops.
  • Briefings and consulting with discipline experts.

Funds Administration

  • Tier Two membership fee is assessed a 20% indirect cost rate, part of which is returned to the CAPP; funds processing is handled through the UC Davis Office of Research.
  • UC Davis has developed a system to provide a single invoice to companies that provide Tier One and Tier Two CAPP support for an overlapping period of time.