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UC Davis is a leader in interdisciplinary study, offering more than 100 academic majors and 86 graduate programs. We are the only UC campus with schools of Law, Medicine, Education, Management, Nursing and Veterinary Medicine. With approximately 27,000 undergraduate students, over 4,000 graduate students and 3,000 professional students, UC Davis helps to contribute a highly skilled workforce throughout the region.

UC Davis is famous for its outstanding programs in the biological and agricultural sciences. In addition, its programs in engineering, the social sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and the arts and humanities are also popular and highly prestigious.

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies oversees more than 80 graduate degree programs, giving UC Davis the most diversified teaching faculty and curriculum in the nine-campus system. The quality of life on campus is enhanced by its proximity to the state capital and the San Francisco Bay Area, sites that offer a wealth of additional cultural, political, and social opportunities.

UC Davis faculty and graduate programs attract highly qualified students from diverse educational, social, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. It is this global mix that contributes to the character of both the campus and the city of Davis. The campus has a tradition of close association between students and faculty, and the style is one of informality and congeniality.

Undergraduate Education

Undergraduate Education oversees academic issues relevant to undergraduate education. They oversee several units related to the welfare of undergraduate students including the Internship & Career Center. The UC Davis Internship & Career Center facilitates internships for students at companies and provides career job listing services for employers.

Each year, the UC Davis Internship and Career Center, also known as ICC, places approximately 6,000 students in internships that provide practical experience to complement coursework. Full-time during the summer and part-time throughout the academic year, Davis students gain experience in advertising agencies, retail businesses, financial and consulting firms, environmental protection agencies, hospitals and clinics, import-export companies, law offices, high tech companies, manufacturing firms, schools, counseling centers, museums, regulatory and enforcement agencies, public relations firms, radio and TV stations, zoos, and hundreds of other places.

Internship and Career Center staff builds strong collaborative relationships with internship sponsors and ensures that students work with qualified mentors in settings conducive to learning. Over the years, thousands of agencies, businesses and firms have sponsored Davis students. A few examples are Apple Computer, the California Department of Water Resources, Caltrans, Davis Public Schools, Delloitte and Touche, Genentech, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Gap Inc., General Mills, Hays Trucking, Hewlett Packard, Industrial Light and Magic, Intel Corporation, Mervyns of California, Phillips Chiropractic, the Sacramento Zoo, Senator Barbara Boxer, the UC Davis Medical Center, the US Bureau of Land Reclamation, the US Department of State, the US Forest Service, and Walt Disney Imagineering, and the YMCA.

The ICC plays a fundamental role in the organization of internships, work-study projects, and career opportunities for many UC Davis students. Statistics show that the professional relationships made during experiential education are often the determining factor in the decisions associated with career employment hiring. Employers often select new employees from interns they have sponsored.

Please feel free to post career jobs and internships.

The Internship & Career Center (ICC) provides both internship and career job listing services for employers, maintains email listservs for reaching specific majors at UC Davis and hosts career fairs and workshops featuring employers.