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The mission of the University of California is to provide public benefit through research and education. Technology transfer is a means of assisting us in accomplishing our mission. Technology transfer can be accomplished in a variety of ways ranging from education and outreach programs, both within and outside the university, to commercialization through patenting, licensing and support for entrepreneurship.

UC Davis InnovationAccess provides a broad spectrum of services specifically aimed at preserving valuable intellectual property and disseminating it for public benefit using the most appropriate means available.

InnovationAccess is responsible for handling and entering various types of contractual arrangements in order to properly and efficiently transfer intellectual property to commercial enterprises, as well as to universities and other non-profit institutions.

The sections below provide detailed information regarding:


Whenever a company wishes to enter into an agreement with the university concerning university intellectual property, the company should contact an Intellectual Property Officer (IPO) within InnovationAccess. Any IPO will be able to provide assistance with securing the necessary agreement. If the agreement involves rights to specific intellectual property of the university, then the IPO assigned to that intellectual property will handle the request. Each invention abstract published on the website will provide the name and contact information for the assigned IPO.

Information We Need

In order to determine whether or not the company is potentially an appropriate commercial partner for a licensing arrangement, the university will usually require a commercialization plan as described within the section on licensing.