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Educate Your Employees

In today’s business, the need for highly skilled employees is critical to success. To help your workforces remain competitive, UC Davis offers many opportunities for your executives and employees to remain at the forefront of their fields.

From individual courses, certificates and advanced degrees, to customized programs, there are educational options to fit your needs. Below are links to programs within our schools and colleges which contain additional information:

  • University Extension is an internationally-recognized leader in educational outreach for individuals, organizations and communities. They offer many single day and quarter long courses in diverse areas such as business and professional development, English language programs, and winemaking, along with many others.
  • Graduate School of Management and Center for Entrepreneurship serve as a springboard for innovations developed in university and corporate research programs. They offer day and evening MBA programs, week long entrepreneurship training opportunities, and customized courses to best fit your needs.
  • Advanced Degree Program for Corporate Employees was established at UC Davis to enable employees at regional biotechnology, biomedical, or bioscience corporations to pursue a doctoral degree.