New Electronic Conflict of Interest Disclosure System Now Available

Research Compliance & Integrity (RCI) is pleased to announce the rollout of a fully online Conflict of Interest (COI) disclosure process to the research community. This system eliminates all paper-based COI disclosures and will make process more efficient and user friendly.

As of June 1, 2017, we will be asking investigators to submit all disclosures online by going to the eCOI Online Disclosure System at  Please note that we will still process any paper disclosures that we receive up until the start of the 2017 Academic Year.

In 2012, RCI moved the disclosure process online for research funded by NIH and organizations that adopted PHS regulations. Since that time, we have reviewed and approved thousands of electronic disclosures.

This new system will allow investigators to electronically sign and submit all COI disclosures online, regardless of the disclosure requirements imposed by the funding source.  Specifically, with the current launch, investigators participating in privately funded research, research funded by non-PHS government entities (e.g. NSF), or FDA-regulated departmentally funded research will also now be able to submit their COI disclosures online through the eCOI Online Disclosure System.

The disclosure process is simplified because the system will prompt investigators for additional forms and information only when they are required. Investigators will also be able to check the approval status of their disclosure in real time and access online and pdf versions of their documents anywhere that they have internet access. In addition, the eCOI Online Disclosure System will reduce administrative burden by making the disclosures simultaneously available to all administrative units, rather than making staff members wait for paperwork.

RCI has been engaged in pre-launch testing for the last several months, working with a group of research administrators, clinical trials staff, and investigators to test and refine our user experience.

Additional information and training materials will be available on the RCI website: /policiescompliance/coi/

If you have any questions or concerns about how this transition will affect you or your research, please contact RCI at [email protected]