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Research Investments in the Sciences and Engineering (RISE)


The Research Investments in the Sciences and Engineering (RISE) program is designed to launch new, globally competitive large-scale interdisciplinary research activity at UC Davis. A desired outcome is that funded projects will lead to transformative knowledge and technologies that will aid in solving major problems facing our state, nation and the world. The goals of the RISE program are synchronized to major goals of Chancellor’s Vision of Excellence: Foster a Vibrant Community of Learning and Scholarship; Drive Innovation at the Frontiers of Knowledge, and Nurture a Sustainable Future and Propel Economic Vitality.

Research Investments in Science and Engineering Final Summary Report

Rise ReportLearn about the outcomes of this three year seed-funding program in the RISE program summary report.

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Thirteen RISE teams have been formed, involving over ninety faculty coming from nine academic disciplines.


  • Breeding Healthy Crops: Structural Biochemistry of Plant-Pathogen Interactions to Promote Healthy Crops and Enhance Global Food Security
    • Theme Leader: George Bruening, Plant Pathology
  • Sensing Plant Stress: New Tools for Understanding, Monitoring, and Overcoming Plant Stress
    • Theme Leader: Nelson Max, Computer Science
  • Detecting Plant Pathogens: RNA-Based, Amplification Free, Pathogen Identification using Nano-Enabled Electronic Detection (RAPID-NEED)
    • Theme Leader: Bryce Falk, Plant Pathology


  • Molecular-level Imaging: UC Davis Center of Excellence in Translational Molecular Imaging
    • Theme Leader: Simon R. Cherry, Biomedical Engineering
  • Promoting Intestinal Health: Protecting the Fragile Intestine: Integrating Microbiota and Mucosal Health
    • Theme Leader: Satya Dandekar, Medical Microbiology & Immunology
  • Enabling Mobile Health: initiative for Wireless Health and Wellness (iWHW) at UC Davis
    • Theme Leader: Heather Young, Nursing
  • Evaluating Drug Development: Center for Content Rich Evaluation of Therapeutic Efficacy (cCRETE)
    • Theme Leader: Kathy Ferrara, Biomedical Engineering
  • Understanding Schizophrenia: Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Analysis of Neuroimmune-based Schizophrenia (I-CAN SZ)
    • Theme Leader: Kimberley McAllister, Center for Neuroscience; Neurobiology; Neurobiology, Physiology & Behavior
  • Imaging Eyes: The UC Davis Eye-Pod: Functional Imaging of Single Cells in the Eyes of Living Animals under Normal, Pathogenic and Regenerative Conditions
    • Theme Leader: Edward Pugh, Physiology & Membrane Biology; Cell Biology & Human Anatomy


  • Seeing Energy: C ENERGI; Transforming Consumer Energy Use in Vehicles, Buildings and Appliances
    • Theme Leader: Thomas Turrentine, Institute of Transportation Studies
  • Natural Scaffolding: Amyloids for Nanoparticle Synthesis, Wiring, Energy, and Remediation (ANSWER)
    • Theme Leader: Daniel Cox, Physics

Data Science

  • Seeing Big Data: UC Davis Center of Excellence for Visualization
    • Theme Leader: Kwan-Liu Ma, Computer Science
  • Protecting the Cyber Frontier: Cyber-security for Critical Infrastructures: Smart Grid, Financial and Human-centered Mobile Networks
    • Theme Leader: Karl Levitt, Computer Science

For more information on this program, please contact Christine Parks [email protected].