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Freelance Editors

The Office of Research is aware of the following freelance editors available to assist the research community with editing of grants and other documents. This information is provided for informational purposes only and is not officially endorsed by the Office of Research. We encourage you to contact editors directly to obtain more information including the prices of their services.

Will Elliot

Will Elliot has experience performing editing, grant-writing, communications and outreach as an independent contractor in corporate, nonprofit, medical, and journalism. His focus is on environmental justice and education issues.


Megan Good

Megan Good offers editing services to academic professionals and students within the humanities and social sciences. She specializes in the following topics: Asian Studies, Art History, Museum Studies, Cultural Heritage, Archaeology, and Anthropology. As a Publication Research Officer for a major arts institute, she has experience working with ESL authors, formatting for Harvard or MLA style, copy-editing (UK and American English), developmental editing, and translation editing. Megan worked as an English teacher in Japan and has published journal articles on Japanese Cultural Heritage both in English and Japanese.


Elise Makhoul

Elise Makhoul has over 10 years of experience editing scientific and medical writing in the fields of biochemistry, molecular medicine, pediatrics, and neuroscience. She has electronically submitted manuscripts to a wide variety of peer-reviewed journals, and grants to the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Defense, and private foundations. She specializes in copyediting non-fiction material, such as academic manuscripts and grants, abstracts, posters, newsletters, press releases, and websites. Elise works closely with clients to fine-tune their written work for grammar, punctuation, usage (example: affect or effect), formatting, clarity, and consistency, while maintaining the unique voice of the author.

Because she is staff at the university, Elise cannot be paid with university funds. Authors are encouraged to contact her for projects paid by the authors themselves.

Dakota Mattson

Dakota Mattson has worked as a professor of composition and managed a writing center, and has worked with a broad variety of academic topics, including medical and mental health services, and formatting styles, specifically MLA and APA. Similarly, M. Caulder holds a Master’s in Cross-Cultural Education with many years of experience as an instructor at several levels. She specializes in writing and reading services. Their combined specialties include the humanities, social sciences, and education fields. Additionally, both consultants have worked extensively with ESL students and authors in the past and continue to do so. They are both have experience performing intensive copy- and line-editing services, as well as developmental editing.


Roy Sablosky

Roy Sablosky is a nonfiction editor and writer living in Sacramento. He has edited dozens of books (including 20 for University of California Press) and over a thousand articles; he is the chief copyeditor for five different peer-reviewed journals. His projects have touched on a huge range of topics, from archaeology to zoology, from current affairs to quantum mechanics. For an easily accessible sample of Roy’s copyediting work, find the Amazon page for Thewissen’s “The Walking Whales” and click on Look Inside.