Summer Research Travel Compliance

Summer Research Travel Compliance

As summer approaches, when important international travel, research, and collaborations take place, the Research Ethics and Compliance Office (RECO), which serves as the UC Davis export control office, would like you to keep in mind that when you travel abroad, everything you take is an export.

RECO recognizes that international activities are essential components of faculty work, and that export control laws and regulations can be challenging for those not familiar with them. RECO supports the campus and provides guidance so that you can avoid penalties and delays to your research.

What should you think about when engaging internationally and how can RECO help? The government has regulations around who, what, where, and why.

  • The “who” can be individuals in or from a sanctioned or embargoed country or an individual or entity on one of the sanctioned lists. RECO can check those lists for you.
  • The “what” is the export of specific items, software, or technology. This can be the transporting of specialized equipment, substances, materials, toxins, and/or biologics, unpublished or proprietary information or data. RECO can help you determine the export classification of an item.
  • The “where” are countries facing embargoes and sanctions. There are specific economic and trade sanctions administered against Iran, Cuba, Russia, Belarus, Syria, Venezuela, and North Korea. If you plan to travel, research, attend a conference, or participate in other engagements in an embargoed and sanctioned country, RECO will help you navigate the regulations and requirements.
  • The “why” is due to concerns around national security, foreign policy, and trade protection. A license may be required depending on the destination, individual receiving/using, or application/function. Please contact RECO as soon as possible for assistance in determining if you will need an export license which can take several months.

What else should I know? In some cases, the export of encryption software requires a license. Bringing your laptop with encryption software to certain countries or using USD’s VPN software, DUO, in certain countries without proper authorization could violate U.S. export law or the import regulations of the country to which you are traveling. There are several countries that restrict the import, export, or use of encrypted devices and software. Please check with the US Department of State before traveling internationally to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information or contact the RECO office for assistance.

What else can I do? Per UC Davis policy, international travel on university business must be registered. Trip registration takes less than a minute and affords UC Davis travelers several benefits, including:

  • Customized, location-specific alerts to mitigate disruption to travel plans.
  • Access to valuable travel insurance and emergency contact information.
  • Timely assistance, including emergency evacuation, in the event of a crisis.

Global Affairs also provides travel resources and tips for safe and productive trips.

Read more about the compliance regulations here.