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Team Research Forum: Community Engagement and Public Scholarship

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Highly Integrative Basic and Responsive (HIBAR) Research at UC Davis: Community Engagement and Public Scholarship

 Join the Office of Research and UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement Friday, May 20th at 10:30 am for a session that will focus on strong Community Partnerships and Public Scholarship/Engagement components, and highlight expertise and resources available to UC Davis members and affiliates.

The HIBAR Research Alliance aims to collect and share current good practices in forming, implementing, and sustaining the deep cross-sectoral partnerships with external organizations that are needed for HIBAR research projects to be successful.

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lorne whitehead portraitLorne Whitehead
Professor and Special Advisor on Entrepreneurship Innovation and Research
University of British Columbia
Director of the HIBAR Research Alliance 

Dr. Whitehead has held several administrative positions including Associate Dean, Dean pro tem, VP Academic & Provost, and Leader of Education Innovation. He holds 143 US patents that find applications in computer screens, televisions, and lighting products and has launched seven spin-off companies.


scott slovic headshotScott Slovic
University Distinguished Professor of Environmental Humanities
University of Idaho
Associate Director of the HIBAR Research Alliance 

Dr. Slovic helped to institutionalize the field of ecocriticism (environmental literary studies) by co-founding the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE), for which he served as founding president from 1992 to 1995. While also writing and editing thirty books in the interdisciplinary environmental humanities, he served as editor-in-chief of ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, for twenty-five years before completing his term in 2020.


tessa hill headshotTessa Hill 
Associate Vice Provost of Academic Programs
Public Scholarship and Engagement
Earth and Planetary Sciences
UC Davis

Dr. Hill’s research interests include climate change, both past and present, and understanding the response of marine species to environmental perturbation. She is part of the Bodega Ocean Acidification Research (BOAR) group at Bodega Marine Laboratory, which aims to understand the impact of ocean acidification on native species.


isabel montonez portraitIsabel P. Montañez 
Distinguished Professor
Earth and Planetary Sciences
Director of the Institute of the Environmental
UC Davis

Dr. Montañez is a sedimentary geochemist and paleoclimatologist whose research focuses on reconstructing past global and regional climates, in particular those during warming and major climate transition. Her approach is interdisciplinary, integrating physical, biologic, and chemical proxies of environmental and ecosystem parameters with multiple scales of numeric modeling to study Earth system processes and their interactions during climate and ecosystem perturbation.


catherine brinkley portraitCatherine Brinkley
Faculty Director and Associate Professor
Center for Regional Change
Community and Regional Development
UC Davis 

Dr. Brinkley’s research centers around One Health, a concept that considers health shared among humans, animals and the environment. Her research focuses on health and design. She is a former Fulbright Scholar, Watson Fellow, and National Science Foundation Career Award Winner. Her research focuses broadly on food systems and land-use planning. Her work is used internationally by the United Nations Food Agriculture Organization as well as local communities to guide plans and policies.


bernadette austin protraitBernadette Austin 
Executive Director
Center for Regional Change
UC Davis 

Ms. Austin brings extensive experience in community development praxis and public-private partnerships to her role as Executive Director of the Center for Regional Change. She works to build bridges across disciplines and support research that is community-engaged, policy-oriented, and equity-focused.


sarah mccollough headshotSarah E. Rebolloso McCollough
Associate Director
Feminist Research Institute
UC Davis 

Dr. McCullough, creates meaningful and respectful dialogue across boundaries that typically divide—between universities and communities, activists and researchers, scientists and humanists, workers and policymakers. An expert in research culture and a seasoned connector, McCullough’s work is focused on promoting equity-based solutions to social problems.



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