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$50K IIFH Innovator Fellowship

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Winter 2022 to Summer 2022

$50K Innovator Fellowship

Includes 6 months salary, tuition, travel, research and conference expenses (up to $50K support by the Innovation Institute for Food & Health). Unique experiential learning opportunities are available winter 2022 in Chicago and Los Angeles. Gain hands-on entrepreneurial experience, assist in the evaluation of investable food system start-ups, and use the knowledge gained to advance critical studies for de-risking a potential technology, product or process you want to develop. Multiple openings are available throughout the year (flexible start dates and remote as needed).

All UC Davis post-doctoral fellows or PhD students in their last 1-2 years of study are invited to apply. Multiple and repeat applications are welcome to any and all opportunities.

Radicle Growth

Radicle Growth is an acceleration fund that applies a proprietary platform to discover and support emerging technologies in food and agriculture. They partner with entrepreneurs to turn ideas into game-changing technologies and thriving businesses. Radicle Growth provides early-stage companies with innovation capital, and surrounds start-ups with a robust global food and ag network of resources, partners and research institutions. Through additional operational services and strategic partnerships, food and ag-tech companies gain the power to bring the latest technologies to market and transform the future of food.

Supply Change Capital

Supply Change Capital’s mission is to invest in the changing face of food to catalyze the food systems of the future. Founded in 2020, they focus on food and food tech, investing with a gender and diversity lens to bring about a future of food that is sustainability mindful, supply chain efficient, better for you, and culture rich. The firm focuses on early-stage companies in food and agriculture technology, ingredient technology, and consumer-facing brands with a specific lens to health, sustainability, and diversity.

Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, the women-run firm leverages experience in food, food tech, supply chain, operations, and technology to team with founders as they grow and scale. Current areas of curiosity include fermentation, food preservation, and supply chain technology.

Applications due Friday, November 19, 2021.

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