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Call to Enter Phase 2x of the On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan

Call to Enter Phase 2x of the On-Campus Research Ramp-Up Plan

Considering the current infection trends in Yolo and Sacramento counties, we will not be moving on to Phase 3 until our saliva testing facility scales up. However, we will have an incremental research ramp-up to Phase 2x effective October 30, 2020. Details of the Phase 2 were shared in our earlier guidance. Implementations of the ramp-up in Phase 2x are summarized as follows.


  • Research activities that need on-site access for maintaining productivity are permitted, provided that the required COVID safety guidelines are followed. There is no longer a restriction on the types (e.g. time-sensitive) of research activities permitted. When requests for campus access exceed what can be accommodated safely, unit leaders should use local discretion to prioritize which research occurs, giving utmost priority to safety and health of researchers.
  • All research activities do not have to ramp-up. Research that can be pursued while working from home should continue without campus access.
  • Restrictions on the number of research personnel active in a given campus space will be determined by two key criteria.
    • A minimum of 6ft physical distance must be maintained between “stations”- a station is defined as the entire area which a researcher is utilizing. In addition, masks must be worn at all times when multiple people are within a room (regardless of distance). All necessary PPE must be provided by the lab, and all materials must be also provided for proper decontamination of surfaces.
    • Even when a space can safely accommodate more people (by the criteria outlined above), no more than 50% of research personnel are allowed on-site at any time.
  • Ramp-up/down of core facilities to Phase 2x are based on the layout and resources of the specific facilities. Many are currently operating at their safe capacity. Please check with individual facilities for their capacity and ramp-up plans.

All the ongoing efforts approved for Phases 1 and 2 can choose to move to Phase 2x gradually and cautiously. We envision very little ramping activities from Phase 2 to Phase 2x. No further campus-level approval is required for Phase 2x. However, any changes in research activity have to be approved by lab PIs, facility directors, etc., as they are required to determine the priority of activities, given safety-imposed limitations in activity in any given space. Unit chairs/deans/directors may mandate additional restrictions and requirements for ramp-up approval.

Please read through the guidance again and continue to utilize our best practices to mitigate the potential for COVID-19 spread in our campus community.

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