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Science Speaks Luncheon

A fundraising event supporting science to save Lake Tahoe.

Join us as we look beyond the State of the Lake and discuss current data, new technology, and forecast what’s ahead for Lake Tahoe as TERC strives to make Tahoe home of the “world’s smartest lake”.  Purchase Tickets


11:30 am      Reception & Graduate Student Poster Session 

12:15 pm      Lunch & Speaker Presentations

12:35 pm      Geoff Schladow, Director, Tahoe Environmental Research Center 

1:00 pm       Charles Goldman, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Envir. Science & Policy

1:15 pm        Q&A & Networking

2:00 pm      Adjourn 

About the Speakers

S. Geoffrey SchladowFounding Director, Tahoe Environmental Research Center & Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Geoffrey Schladow holds B. Eng. and Ph.D. degrees in civil engineering from the University of Western Australia, and an M. Eng. in hydraulic engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. For over thirty years his research has focused on the interactions between the complex fluid motions found in nature and their impacts on water quality, ecosystem health and watershed processes. He has published over 170 research papers and technical reports and has guided over 70 graduate students.   Dr. Schladow is an expert on both field data collection and numerical modeling, and frequently brings together teams of researchers to work on large, interdisciplinary projects. He holds the position of Professor of water resources and environmental engineering at UC Davis and is the founding director of the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center.


Charles GoldmanDistinguished Professor Emeritus, Environmental Science & Policy

Charles R. Goldman, a distinguished professor emeritus in the UC Davis Department of Environmental Science and Policy, has devoted his career to studying the effects of environmental pollutants on lake ecology. In 1959, soon after arriving as a Lecturer at UC Davis, he took his first clarity measurement at Lake Tahoe. That measurement was the beginning of UC Davis’ long-term commitment to the study of Lake Tahoe and to leading the search for practical solutions to preserve one of the world’s most iconic lakes.

Goldman’s long-term Lake Tahoe ecosystem study on the early stages of eutrophication (excessive richness of nutrients) made it possible for governmental regulatory agencies to utilize science-based decision-making for the conservation of Lake Tahoe as well as other threatened lakes around the globe.

Goldman has received many honors, including the 1991 Chevron Conservation Award, the 1998 Albert Einstein World Award of Science and the 2003 Nevada Medal. He was honored by a joint Resolution of the California State Assembly in 2004. He received the Alfred C. Redfield Lifetime Achievement Award in 2004 from the American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, “for his enduring efforts to understand and protect Lake Tahoe and for his tireless advocacy for limnological research, training and stewardship worldwide.”

Goldman serves on the board of the World Water and Climate Network. Over his 52 years of teaching, he was an inspiring mentor to 1,500 undergraduate students, more than 100 graduate students and 37 post-docs. These students have made lasting scientific contributions. He has served as an adviser to presidents, governors, senators and countless other leaders about the environmental health of Lake Tahoe. He founded the Tahoe Research Group at UC Davis, and led the effort to create the Tahoe Environmental Research Center.

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