Team Research Forum March 10 at 10:30am. Cardiovascular and Brain Health in Women

Team Research Forum: Cardiovascular and Brain Health in Women

Join the UC Davis Office of Research and UC Davis Health at 10:30am on Friday, March 10th for a unique discussion of women’s health and how we can better identify the risks of dementia and heart disease in the female population.  Amparo Villablanca, director of the UC Davis Women’s Cardiovascular Medicine Program, leads a multidisciplinary team that includes cardiovascular, bioinformatics and computational scientists as well as neuropathologists and behavioral and population health scientists.

The UC Davis Center for Women’s Cardiovascular and Brain Health is one of four UC Davis Health programs funded as part of a new UC Davis initiative is known as the HEAL-HER (Heart, BrEast and BrAin Heath Equity Research) Program.  HEAL-HER is supported by a $24 million award to UC Davis Health for women’s health research in breast cancer, dementia and cardiovascular disease.


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