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Campus Curtailment Impact on Research Support Operations

Campus Curtailment Impact on Research Support Operations

UC Davis has announced a Davis campus curtailment program for six work days between December 21st and January 4th. This communication is to advise you of the office closures in the Office of Research during this time and how the curtailment may impact services available to the research community. Please submit all routine actions to the appropriate unit on or before December 14th to allow processing prior to the closure. Emergency contacts should be used only for truly urgent and emergency purposes.

All administrative units in the Office of Research will be closed for business during the curtailment period with only emergency support if necessary for the following offices:

Sponsored Programs Office (SPO)
Emergency Contact: 530-754-7700

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Emergency Contact: 530-304-1226 or

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
Emergency Contact:

Research Compliance & Integrity (RCI)
Emergency Contact:

Research Core Facilities Program
Emergency Contact: 530-754-1272 or

The following units/offices may be open for business but will be operating at lower staff capacity than normal:

  • TRACS and Campus Veterinary Services will continue to provide required husbandry and veterinary care during the curtailment but will not have staffing available for specific research support. The TRACS on-call number is (530) 219-3076
  • Core Facilities – please check with the individual cores for any modified access to services and equipment.  All current Covid-19 SOPs regarding access remain in effect.

We ask that proposal submissions, protocols or amendments, no cost extensions, disclosures or other activities that you know need to be accomplished during the curtailment days be submitted with sufficient time to complete these actions prior to the business closure and adhere to any identified deadlines. For example, SPO requests all proposals or award actions due after December 21st and on or before January 4th be submitted to them with all Cayuse approvals in place by December 14th to allow five business days for processing.

If you have questions regarding the office closures, please contact:

Executive Associate Vice Chancellor Cindy Kiel
530-304-9834 or

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