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Team Research Forum: Leveraging Team Diversity – New Frameworks & Research

Leveraging Team Diversity: New Frameworks & Research Diverse teams are more innovative. But teams are complex systems made of people, machines, and tasks — Managing diverse teams takes skill (and knowledge). On Friday, June 3 at 10:30am, please join the Office of Research for a discussion about diversity and inclusion in team research.  View Recording Kyle Lewis […]

Team Research Forum: Community Engagement and Public Scholarship

Highly Integrative Basic and Responsive (HIBAR) Research at UC Davis: Community Engagement and Public Scholarship  Join the Office of Research and UC Davis Public Scholarship and Engagement Friday, May 20th at 10:30 am for a session that will focus on strong Community Partnerships and Public Scholarship/Engagement components, and highlight expertise and resources available to UC Davis […]

Team Research Forum: BioEM Exploring Molecular Machines at Atomic Detail

Join the Office of Research on Friday, May 6th at 10:30 am for a showcase of scientific insights from the BioEM Core at UC Davis. Learn about this unique facility housed at UC Davis, and how you can access equipment, training, and expertise in cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryoEM). The panel will present an overview of BioEM capabilities […]

Team Research Forum: Preparing for the Next Pandemic

Join the Office of Research Friday, April 22nd at 10:30 am for a trans-disciplinary panel discussion about future research needed to address technical and scientific challenges for pandemic preparedness. This panel brings together specialists working across a range of fields needed to catalyze innovation in rapid identification of pandemic threats through advanced biosensors, field-forward surveillance […]

Team Research Forum: Public Health and International Trade

Public Health and International Trade: What we don’t know can hurt us Join the Office of Research and the College of Letters and Sciences on Friday, April 8th at 10:30am for a discussion of trade laws and how they impact public health. Do you know who decides the minimum pesticide residuals permissible in your breakfast […]

Team Research Forum: Federal Funding Opportunities

Get the inside scoop on where federal money will flow in the near future and how to maximize chances for funding your research program What research areas will the federal government be investing in over the next two to three years? How will the bipartisan infrastructure bill translate to funding for my research? What’s the […]

Team Research Forum: Utilizing BioAMS in Research and Clinical Settings

Join the UC Davis Office of Research in a discussion with Dr. Bruce Buchholz, a Senior Scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) about utilizing Biological Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (BioAMS) in research and clinical settings.  For 30 years, LLNL has led the world in applying this ultra-sensitive quantitative technique in basic research and clinical studies. […]

Team Research Forum: Omicron – The South African Experience

Join the UC Davis Office of Research and the UC Davis School of Medicine in a discussion with Professor Shabir A. Madhi from University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.  Director of the Vaccines & Infectious Diseases Analytics Research Unit, Dr. Madhi will share a unique insight and experience of the Omicron variant, having endured the South […]

Team Research Forum: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Health

Join the UC Davis Office of Research and the UC Davis School of Medicine in a discussion about artificial intelligence and machine learning research applications in health at UC Davis.  UC Davis researchers will present research they are currently working on in this field following an overview of funding opportunities and resources for research teams […]

Davis Discovery Days to Highlight Research and Innovation at UC Davis

Launching this Spring, Davis Discovery Days is a collaborative weeklong schedule of events for the innovation community, fostering the most significant advances in research and innovation for global impact.  Ranked first in the nation for agriculture and veterinary medicine, UC Davis is also global leader in research and innovation, with over 1,500 active patents and $968 million in external […]