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Preparing & Submitting Proposals

There are many steps to developing a research project and preparing a proposal for submission. The Office of Research aims to provide and identify services and resources to aid the researcher’s efforts in developing and preparing a project or proposal.

Links to services and other resources, including grant-writing and editing support and tools, available to assist and guide researchers in developing and writing a proposal

Information and templates to help researchers determine and prepare the necessary components of a research proposal

Tools and assistance for identifying research collaborators of which the Office of Research is aware

Information about proposal submission at UC Davis, instructions for submitting your proposal to Sponsored Programs, information about the proposal review process, and information about Electronic Research Administration

Resources both internal and external to the Office of Research, such as core facilities and services, outreach and training programs, and useful information for identifying, preparing, and submitting a research proposal. This includes proposal preparation information such as Institutional Information, Indirect Cost Rates, and Fringe Benefit rates.