VMTH Clinical Trials

Clinical Trial Review Board (CTRB)

The CTRB is an administrative body established to protect the welfare of client-owned VMTH animals recruited into clinical trials and research activities. The CTRB provides assistance in the design and execution of clinical trials and clinical research involving client owned animals, and through its efforts serves to enhance the ability of all at the School of Veterinary Medicine to successfully undertake clinical investigations in the veterinary patient population. The CTRB functions in an advisory fashion to the UC Davis Institutional Animal care and Use Committee (IACUC) and will pre-review all protocols involving VMTH patients.

All teaching and research activity involving vertebrate animals, including Clinical Trials, must have an approved Animal Care and Use Protocol by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) before any teaching or research activity involving vertebrate animals can conducted. Protocols involving Clinical Trials must also include an attached owner informed Consent Form. The IACUC’s typical protocol turn-around time for new protocols is about five weeks.  All personnel working on research or teaching projects involving vertebrate animals must be listed on the protocol roster.  Any changes to the protocol must be approved in advance of implementation.

Access to the online protocol submission system and all relevant information can be found on the IACUC homepage.

  • Owner Informed Consent Form A completed Owner Informed Consent Form for a VMTH Clinical Trial will need to be attached to the IACUC protocol form (in section 3 Protocol Type) once the protocol has been initialized. The form is found at the link below: