Proposals to State of California Agencies

University of California proposals to most State of California agencies must be submitted using the Model Agreement Template and include the following:

    • Standard Agreement Cover Page
    • Exhibit A: Scope of Work
    • Exhibit B: Budget
      • Include Exhibit B2 if the proposal includes subrecipients
    • Exhibit C: If funded, the award will be governed by the UTC 518 – University Terms and Conditions (Exhibit C) 
    • Additional Exhibits as needed based on the project

Indirect (F&A) Costs

For current rates, see the State of California tab within the F&A Rates section of F&A and Fringe Benefit Rates.

    • State of California rates do not apply when the state is acting as a pass-through entity of federal funds.  The appropriate UC federally negotiated F&A rate will apply to State agency awards made with federal funding.  Please see 2 CFR § 200.414 and 2 CFR § 200.331.
    • For State awards, the rate in effect for the first year of a multi-year project will be the rate used for the entire project in proposed and awarded budgets.  If additional funds (not previously appropriated or budgeted) are awarded by a State agency; use the UC-approved state rate in effect at the time the new budget request is submitted.

For more information see the State and University Proposal & Administration Manual and UC Office of the President Guidance Memo 17-06.