Initial Required Training for New Employees

For New Lab Employees

Welcome to the lab. All lab workers at the University of California need to take some basic lab safety training before they are allowed to work in a lab.

Step 1: Pass the UC Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety. You can take the class as many times as you need to until you pass it.

Step 2: Review the Hazard Assessment and take the PPE training. Log into the Risk and Safety Solutions website and follow the directions under Action Items:

Read the page and then keep clicking the    button on the top right of the pane until you have reviewed all the pages with hazard for this lab. Click Acknowledge button to receive credit in reviewing the hazards.

Step 3: Rerouted to the PPE training:

You can also go directly to the PPE training with this link:

Step 4: Read the following campus safety documents

Step 5: Read your departmental safety documents

    • Illness and Injury Protection Program
    • Emergency Action Plan

Step 6: Read the following lab specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from your lab binder

    • Corrosive SOP
    • Flammables SOP
    • Working Alone SOP
    • Etc.

Step 7: Print out the Site-Specific Training Form and initial the following sections

    • Spill Procedures
    • Department Emergency Action Plan
    • Chemical Hygiene Plan
    • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Department IIPP
    • UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals
    • Safety Suite online tools
    • Hazardous Waste

Step 8: Bring it to your PI/Lab manger so they can complete the rest of the form with you.

For New Shop Employees

There are many industrial training courses, but not all of them apply to everyone. Please review the course below and see which ones apply to you:

Step 1: Required Training

Step 2: Read the appropriate campus safety documents:

Step 3: Read the following departmental safety documents:

    • Illness and Injury Protection Program
    • Emergency Action Plan
    • Read all appropriate SOPs

Step 4: Print out the New Employee Safety Orientation and On-boarding Form and the Site-Specific Training Form and take them to the shop supervisor.

For New Field Research Employees

Everyone who works in the field needs to take the following steps:

Step 1: Take the required online training for Heat Illness Prevention

Step 2: Take the required online training for Wildfire smoke safety