Occupational Health and Animals

Institutions that receive Federal funding to conduct animal research must provide an occupational health program for those that work with animals. Workers must be enrolled in the program not on the basis of contact hours or job title, but on the basis of risk.

IACUC Policy

Please refer to the IACUC Policy, “Occupational Health Program for Animal Care and Use Personnel“.

Assessing Risks

All Individuals who wish to be added to the staff roster for an Animal Care and Use Protocol must submit a Risk Assessment Form AND submit a Health Surveillance Questionnaire to Occupational Health Services.

The online process starts when the PI/Supervisor submits a Risk Assessment form for the Participant and is completed when the Participant follows the link (via an email notification) to confirm the Risk Assessment and submit their Health Surveillance Questionnaire. Everyone should read the program instructions before beginning the process.

Please use the Occupational Health Services’ page to submit your forms on-line.

Occupational Health Services Website

The Occupational Health Services website has useful information regarding how to stay healthy while working with animals.

Policy and Procedure Manual Sections Relating to Occupational Health and Animals

Section 290-25  Health Services for Individuals Having Animal Contact