Reserve an Instrument (Book a Session)

Instruments and other resources can be reserved via a calendar interface.

  1. Go to the Stratocore PPMS start page:
  2. Select the facility of interest under Facilities available in UC Davis and log in
  3. From HOME, select the BOOK tab, select the instrument (system) of interest
  4. [Optional] Select the appropriate project in the Project drop down*
  5. Select the appropriate financial account for the order
  6. From the instrument calendar, select the desired blocks of time for your reservation
  7. If you require assistance on the instrument,
    • check the Assisted by box
    • from the drop down, select the staff member you wish to assist you
  8. Select Book the selected sessions at the bottom of the page to complete the reservation
  9. To edit or cancel a booking, click the reservation or pencil icon in any reservation block


Please note that some instruments require training prior to use. These instruments may not be visible to users.

*Not all Cores utilize or require a Project