Overview: Award Review and Acceptance Timeline

For guidance on earlier steps, see:

Award Timeline for PIs and/or Dept Admins

    • If you receive a Notice of Award (NOA), immediately forward a copy to the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) at [email protected] along with your Cayuse SP proposal number (so they can link it to the award).
      • Review the requirements and restrictions in the contract or grant award agreement.
        • If any terms or conditions are unclear, it is the PI’s responsibility to contact SPO for clarification and guidance.
      • Notify SPO of any problematic terms or conditions
        • Ensure the Scope of Work in the agreement is accurate
        • Ensure the deliverables are acceptable

    • Make note of important conditions including reporting deadlines, unallowable costs, areas that may require prior approval such as re-budgeting or no cost time extensions, publications that may require sponsors review prior to dissemination, etc.
      • Work with the Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) office on the establishment of a specific account and fund number for the project.

    • Regularly monitor the award to ensure adherence to award terms and conditions.
      • Financial Ledger Reviews should be performed at least once a month.
      • Principal Investigators and others committing effort must certify that effort after the effort has been expended.
        • It shows the actual effort, as a percentage of time, spent on the project.
        • Effort reporting ensures that the effort charged or committed to each research award has actually been met.
        • Effort reports are tracked in the Effort Reporting System (ERS).
        • For more information about Effort Reporting, please visit CGA Effort Commitment and Cost Sharing pages.