Manage Trainings

Process training requests:

  1. Check for new requests via email (if notifications are set up)
    or via HOME, view Training Requests in notification bar or task box
    or via TRAINING tab, select View all the training requests
  2. Click Training Request ID# to see details of a request
    • add comments as needed
    • select notification back to requester
    • enter a training type (free text) or select from previous types used
    • validate request (or reject)
  3. Book a training session for the validated request
    • From HOME, select Book a system or from the BOOK tab, select the instrument
    • Book an instrument on behalf of the user to be trained
    • Select the appropriate financial account
    • Select the blocks of time for the training
    • Select Organize training at bottom
    • Select Trained by person
    • Select Book the selected sessions
  4. Complete the Training Creation details
    • Training Type (this is a repeat field)
    • Training Level (select from prepopulated options)
    • Training Description (add details as needed)
    • Add users as part of this training (can add multiple people)
    • Process Training (will create a training ref #)
  5. Validate Training
    Once the training sessions has been completed,

      • From HOME, select TRAINING tab
      • Select Ref # of session
      • Validate individual Participants
      • Validate this training for all unvalidated users
        • select instruments in the pop-up
      • Add files as needed (e.g. signed logs or safety sheets)