Submit an After-the-Fact Proposal to SPO

An After-the-Fact (ATF) proposal is required when:

    • A proposal is submitted to the sponsor without having received Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) review
    • An award is received that did not require an application or proposal

Prepare and submit the ATF proposal materials to SPO in Cayuse SP for review following the same steps as all other proposals. However, complete fields as indicated below:

    • To begin an IPF, first select Cayuse SP, then in the Proposals Dashboard at left, select Start New Proposal
    • For the Short Project Name field, please indicate: “ATF for Awards” followed by the Cayuse Project # (AXX-XXXX)
    • Proposal Type: After-the-Fact
    • Submission Method: Paper, then add sponsor mailing address and contact telephone number
    • Sponsor Deadline: Should be ≥7 business days from date IPF is routed
    • Proposal Attachments: Upload the draft agreement and all other required documents for a proposal submission
    • Submission Notes: Indicate that a draft agreement was received and provide sponsor contact information (name & email)

SPO will assign and process this award after the Cayuse IPF has routed for approvals.

See the Proposal Review and Submission webpage for more information.