Determine Submission Method

Review the RFP (Request for Proposals) to determine the method required for submission to the sponsor and ensure that all proper registration, routing and approval steps are completed while you simultaneously finalize proposal components.

Internal campus submission and review

For contract and grant submissions, all proposals must first be routed internally for required approvals and review through Cayuse SP before being submitted to the sponsor through a separate submission system/mechanism. Process details are found at: Proposal Review and Submission

    • Clinical trials funded entirely by private industry (i.e., pharmaceutical companies) are processed in a different manner by UCDH Clinical Trials Contracts.

Submission to Sponsor: Electronic Research Administration

Most sponsors use an electronic Research Administration system for submissions, such as Cayuse 424 (used for most federal sponsors; linked “system-to-system” to, and serving in place of,, (NSF), NSPIRES (NASA) or ASSIST (NIH; note: the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) recommends you use Cayuse 424 for all NIH proposals, even multi-project proposals, though ASSIST remains an option).

    • A description of various sponsor submission systems, and how you can gain access to them, can be found here: Electronic Research Administration (eRA)
    • Register early. New registrations in eRA systems can take several days (some up to a week), so plan ahead to allow adequate time for submission.
    • Provide the Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) access to the eRA system proposal packages at time of Cayuse SP submission.
      • The technical components (science, etc.) do not need to be final at time of Cayuse SP submission.

Proposals to most State of California agencies must be submitted using the Model Agreement Template.

Some sponsors require submissions through email or hard copies through regular mail/express mail delivery system (UPS/FedEx/etc.). These processes will be described in the RFP.

How Do I “Press the Button”?

SPO usually submits the proposal to the sponsor.

Even if the proposal submission system allows a PI or department staff member to “press the button,” UC policy requires that the proposal be reviewed and receive institutional approval by SPO prior to submission. More information about the submission process can be found here.



Need more help with internal or sponsor submission systems? Email [email protected].