Animal Safety

UC Davis has a well-established animal safety program. Here are some resources to meet regulations and prepare you for your bi-annual review.

Animal Safety Resources

The following sections are provided to help prepare for your bi-annual animal safety review and meeting safety regulations.

Animal Use Required Training

To work with animals you need to take the Animal Care and Use 101 training. Every three years the ACU 101 Retraining Quiz needs to be taken to stay current.

Animal Hazards


Animals have their own agendas. Frequently, that is to escape. Proper training is required for animal handling to minimize the chance of bites and scratches. Occupational Health Surveillance System (OHSS) enrollment is a regulatory requirement for animal users on campus.

Controlled Substances

The UC Davis Controlled Substance Program provides the special requirements and procedures applicable to the procurement, storage, use, transfer, disposal, and inspections of controlled substances at all locations that are the responsibility of the UC Davis administration. Licensed UC Davis pharmacies are exempt from this policy, unless specifically stated otherwise. The Controlled Substances training needs to be retaken every four years.


The Biological Safety Office ensures the safe use of infectious biological agents, recombinant DNA/RNA, and the propagation and release of recombinant organisms. Research that involves those activities or materials requires a Biological Use Authorization (BUA). Biological Use Authorizations (BUAs) and Biohazardous Materials are tracked in the online UC Biosafety program.

Compressed Gasses

Compressed gas cylinders present significant physical and health hazards due to high pressure gases contained within the cylinders. They must be treated with caution because a leak in an enclosed space can displace oxygen and create an asphyxiation hazard.

Departments with Animal Hazards at the Office of Research

    • California National Primate Research Center
    • Mouse Biology Program
    • Teaching and Research Animal Care Services (TRACS)
    • Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)
    • Bodega Marine Laboratory
    • Center for Watershed Sciences
    • Center for Health and the Environment
    • Tahoe Environmental Research Center