Animal Tracking System

The Animal Tracking System (ATS) is designed to be a centralized program for inputting animal numbers against a given protocol. This will help PIs track the number of animals used by displaying the up-to-date number of animals available to be used. This will allow us to gather the information needed for our annual reports required by AAALAC and USDA. Both facility managers and Principal Investigators will have access to this system and will be expected to use this system for documenting the number of animals being used on a protocol. This system will be used to record animal purchases, transfers, acquisitions, imports and exports. For questions, please contact the IACUC office.

Purchasing Animals

Purchasing and Ordering of animals is managed by the Teaching and Research Animal Care Services (TRACS).

Please see the TRACS website for ordering information.

Accessing the ATS

Facility Managers can access the ATS at the following site:

PI’s and staff can access the ATS at the following site:

ATS Entry Flow Chart

This flow chart provides information on how to enter animals into the ATS. For imports and exports please enter animals into the ATS under the import or export tab and complete the import/export request form.