Billing and Recharge Rates

The following are current rates for services provided for Teaching & Research Animal Care Services (TRACS) and Campus Veterinary Services (CVS).  These rates have been approved by the UC Davis Rates Committee.  Rates are subject to change, but customers will be notified prior to implementation of new rates.

Rates for TRACS – Husbandry Services

TRACS recently established the following per diem rates based on cost recovery, following NIH guidelines, and approval from the campus Budget and Institutional Analysis (BIA) office. Per the NIH guidelines, assignment of operating expenses to each animal species was based on personnel, supplies, training, and depreciation. New rates include consolidation of rates to streamline and simplify the cost projections for budget development. Moving forward, TRACS rates will be reviewed and revised annually. Investigators should consider including a 3% annual increase in rates when developing budgets for proposals.

Download Husbandry Rate Sheet (pdf)

For questions regarding TRACS – Husbandry rates, please contact Peter Vertz at [email protected] or 530-752-5836

Rates for Campus Veterinary Services

UC Davis Customer Hourly Rates (effective 4/1/12)


External Customer Hourly Rates (effective 4/1/12)