Learn: Cayuse SP

The following materials have been developed to assist with use of the Cayuse SP system, through which all proposals for Sponsored Programs review and approval must be submitted.

Once routed and authorized via Cayuse SP, proposals are submitted through external electronic Research Administration (eRA)  systems such as Cayuse 424, which is used for all submissions to grants.gov (in place of Workspace).

Written materials:

Brief “How To…” videos:

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    • Cayuse Professional Profiles & Role Management (eCourse) This UC Learning Center class covers how to work with Cayuse 424 Professional Profiles (which autopopulate into Cayuse SP) and establish Cayuse roles (i.e., grant permissions) for others. It explores the functions and responsibilities of Role Managers, who grant specified permissions to personnel within their units to proposals, awards and subawards, and are essential to the successful internal routing of proposals for required approvals. The eCourse takes approximately 35 minutes to complete. Prerequisite–Recommended: Electronic Research Administration (eRA) (offered as either an Instructor-Led Training or eCourse)
    • Cayuse SP: Awards and Post-Award Actions (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse) – This class provides an overview of awards and post-award actions routed through the Sponsored Programs Office, with a focus on the use of the Cayuse SP system for shared document access and internal routing for approvals. The course covers roles and responsibilities related to awards, how awards are created and accessed in Cayuse SP, and the following post-award actions: after-the-fact awards, progress reports to sponsors, award amendments, and advance accounts (pre‐award spending). The eCourse takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. Prerequisites–Recommended: 1. electronic Research Administration (eRA) (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse) and 2. Understanding the Awards Process (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse)
    • Processing Subawards (Cayuse) (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse) – This class provides guidance on preparing and submitting proposals in which UC Davis is a subrecipient institution (incoming subawards) as well as proposals that include subawards to other institutions (outgoing subawards). It covers Principal Investigator and departmental responsibilities as well as use of the Cayuse SP and 424 electronic Research Administration systems for subawards. The eCourse takes approximately 50 minutes. Prerequisites–Recommended: 1. Proposal Preparation and Submission (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse) and 2. Understanding the Awards Process (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse)
    • Cayuse SP – Entering Proposals – SPO Training Video (YouTube) on entering proposals in Cayuse SP (length: 53:45 – if the video doesn’t start — “This video is unavailable” — simply refresh the video and it should work)

Additional Resources