Order Services

  1. Select the core of interest under Facilities available in UC Davis and log in
  2. From HOME select the ORDER tab or click the ORDER button to the right of the drop down menu on your home screen
  3. [Optional] *Select the appropriate project in the Attach this order to this project drop down
  4. Select the appropriate financial account for the order
  5. Services and consumables available for order:
    Enter desired Quantity on the appropriate service line
    Add a comment to communicate additional information to facility staff
  6. Review quantities and services, click Order at bottom left
  7. Confirm by clicking OK
    Review, change funding, print, or cancel the order upon creation


Please note that not all Facilities offer customers the option to directly order from their facility. If you do not see an option to Order, please contact the facility directly for services.

*Not all Cores utilize or require a Project.
*Cancer Center Members eligible to receive subsidized pricing will need to create a project to access these rates.