Request a Project

Projects are specific to each facility. A new project must be requested for each facility for which a project is required.

When to Request a Project:

  1. Facility requires you to have a project
  2. Cancer Center members requesting subsidized rates for cancer related research*
  3. MIND Institute members requesting subsidized rates*
  4. Collaboration between customers/researchers of two different affiliations:
    • Example: UCD researcher is working with an EXT-NP customer. The UCD researcher is submitting work but costs are covered by the EXT-NP customer.

*Only select facilities offer subsidized rates to eligible members.

Request a Project:

  1. Go to the Stratocore PPMS start page:
  2. Select the facility of interest under Facilities available in UC Davis and log in
  3. From HOME select the REQUEST tab
  4. Select the facility specific project request form
  5. Provide any requested data on the form
  6. Click Submit request
    Your request will be sent to the facility for approval. Once approved, you will be able to view your project on your homepage under “My Projects.”
    When requesting services and reservations, you will be able to reference your project on your order or booking.