Campus Veterinary Services Clinic

Campus Veterinary Services (CVS)) provides veterinary care to the rodents and a majority of the small animals and some livestock on the UC Davis and Sacramento Campuses that are used for biomedical research and teaching. CVS is staffed with 4 Full time Laboratory Animal Veterinarians, 1-2 Resident Veterinarians, 4 Full time Animal Health Technicians 3 of which are Registered Veterinary Technicians, 3 part time Veterinary Assistants, and 1 Animal/Veterinary Care Specialist. Collectively our group has achieved many specialty certifications from boards and associations signifying their expertise and dedication to providing the best care to the animals in our care.

CVS is a full service laboratory animal veterinary clinic. We provide clinical care, research services, project consultation and collaborations. Our 4 laboratory animal veterinarians, and our 1-2 resident veterinarians along with the CNPRC veterinary staff provide veterinary pre-review of all animal use and care protocols submitted to the UC Davis IACUC. In addition our laboratory animal veterinarians provide veterinary advice and consultation to the facility managers and husbandry units through the veterinary visit program. Generally, on a monthly interval a member of the veterinary staff, a DVM or designated specialist visits the unit, walks through the facility and makes observations and recommendations for improvement. The designated visiting veterinary staff member also writes a report that goes to the department so that any discrepancies are corrected. The assigned clinical veterinarian also takes any day to day calls referred by the animal health technicians through the triage system. While on service the resident veterinarians are given the opportunity to manage cases under the supervision of the assigned senior clinical veterinarian. Intake exams and preventative health are handled through the clinic as well as sick animal reporting, mortality and case triage. Rodent Health Surveillance is handled by the Campus Veterinarians Office. The Campus Veterinary Service utilizes the DVMAX Electronic Medical Record Keeping System.

The Campus Veterinary Services also provides technical fee for services assistance. For example, post operative monitoring, blood fluid and tissue collections, article and therapeutic administration and other services. This fee for service activity can be requested by contacting 530.752.0514 or [email protected]. You must speak with or receive a confirmatory email from a CVS technical service provider before assuming your request will be filled.

In addition to the above services the adoption program and undergraduate training opportunities are administered through the unit.