Check Award Status

Once an award has been created by Sponsored Programs, check the status of that award in Cayuse SP.

Award Status Definitions:

How to Check Award Status:

    • From the Award Dashboard (in left column) in Cayuse SP:
      • Select My Awards if you are listed on the Investigator/Research Team tab (in any role).
      • Select Awards in My Unit if you have Award Data Access for the administering unit of the award.
        • If you don’t have such access, contact your unit’s Role Manager(s).
          • To identify Role Managers, return to the Cayuse Research Suite (main page) and select Research Contacts. Then search for your unit.
      • The Award Status displays on the far right side of the screen.
      • Select the Award Number to view details
        • View the Notes tab to see if the assigned SPO analyst noted any outstanding items.

Additional Resources: