Work with SPO during Award Review

Monitor your email for correspondence from SPO regarding the proposal.


SPO Review

The assigned Sponsored Programs analyst will review the research agreement to:

    • Ensure that the terms and conditions of the agreement are acceptable under UC and UC Davis policies and regulations
    • Identify any areas where there is a conflict with any UC policy including the 1999 UCOP policy Principles Regarding Rights to Future Research Results in University Agreements with External Parties
    • Ensure all necessary compliance documents which may be required by Federal or State law, UC or UC Davis policy, or Sponsor requirement, are obtained
      • The Principal Investigator may be asked to submit online Financial Conflicts of Interest (COI) disclosures in the eCOI Online Disclosure System
        • Form 700-U: Statement of Economic Interests for Principal Investigators (Private Sponsors)
        • Form 800: Statement of Economic Interest (Non-PHS Government Sponsors)
        • Form PHS: Conflict of Interest for PHS Funded Projects
        • Statements of Economic Interests – Supplemental Form: Forms 700-U and 800 Supplement
      • If the project involves human or animal subjects, the assigned Sponsored Programs analyst will ask for a completed IRB and IACUC Protocol Certification Form