Customer Finance Administrator

Customer Finance Administrators are not required to have their own Stratocore PPMS accounts but are encouraged to create an account and request Group Management access.

Without an account, Customer Finance Administrators (who are listed as a Group Administrative Contact for a Principal Investigator’s group) will still receive emails detailing upcoming charges as well as emails including a final detail of charges and a PDF invoice*.

*PDF invoices are only sent to external non- and for- profit customers.

Stratocore PPMS Accounts for Customer Finance Administrators

Customer Finance Administrators wishing to see detailed descriptions of upcoming charges or view historical charges are encouraged to create a Stratocore PPMS account and request Group Management access.

Group Management

Group managers receive access to view details of past charges and upcoming draft charges. Group managers may also update the financial accounts of users within the group.

To request group management for a group(s), please contact [email protected]

If you are a Customer Finance Administrator for multiple Principal Investigators using Stratocore PPMS and wish to see detailed descriptions and historical charges for each PI, please include a list of PI names with your email request.

View Upcoming and Historical Invoices

  2. Under Group management, select the invoice you wish to view
    -Draft invoices: will show any upcoming charges
    -Final invoices: will show all completed charges

Manage a Financial Account

Customer Finance Administrators may request to Manage specific financial accounts in Stratocore PPMS. As the manager, you will receive notifications any time someone in Stratocore PPMS requests to charge against this specific account you manage – it is no longer limited to members of your group.

  2. Under Request authorization to MANAGE a financial account, Select New account MANAGEMENT request
  3. An Account Number Request page will pop up
  4. Select the appropriate Account Type

    • UC Davis Users
      • Chart of Account (COA)
      • POET (Project Portfolio Management – PPM)
    • External UC: select your specific university
    • External Non & For Profit: select Purchase Order
  5. Click in the “search an account” box beneath Select or create an account and begin typing your financial account number
    • Previously validated numbers will appear in a drop down as you begin typing. Select the appropriate account from the list OR
    • If the account number does not appear in the drop down, select Create a new account to the right of the search box
  6. Click Save
  7. Confirm by clicking Ok