Sponsored Programs Internal Processing Forms (IPF) Foreign Activity List of Questions

For sponsored research, you will be asked to answer export control-related questions on the Cayuse IPF online form that you submit to the Sponsored Programs Office under Foreign Activity. It is important that you answer these questions completely and accurately so that the Research Compliance and Ethics Office can work with you in determining if your research activities trigger any export control requirements.

  1. Does the project involve conducting research with a potential military application?
  2. Does the project involve:
    • Sending, transporting, transmitting, or carrying any material or equipment outside the United States (example include: computer, GPS, biologicals, diagnostic kits, reagents, or data)?
    • Travel outside the US by any research personnel? If the answer is yes, please attach a list of destination countries at the attachments tab on your proposal.
    • Importing, exporting, or transmitting any goods, services, technology, or funds to or from (or traveling to) any of the countries from the OFAC list (including, but not limited to Iran, North Korea, Syria, Libya, and Cuba)?
  3. Some types of research may have export control implications even if all work is conducted within the U.S.
    • Do you anticipate that the project may involve:
      • Non-commercial encryption or information security software?
      • Any equipment, technology, materials, or software specifically designed, modified, or adapted (even slightly) for a military purpose or that may involve national security?
      • Any classified materials, equipment, technology, or data?