UC Davis Campus Research Core Facility Designation

Request for Applications

The Research Core Facilities Program (RCFP) supports core facilities that provide access to critical scientific shared instrumentation and expertise to campus researchers. The RCFP is seeking applications from campus core facilities to be designated as Campus Research Core Facilities – a title that infers the facility is a model of excellence in scientific services, equipment, and training. Campus Research Cores are defined by their multi-disciplinary, equitable access to fee-based services that enable, facilitate or enhance the research mission of the university.

Designation as a Campus Research Core may translate into increased success in national funding opportunities where strong institutional support is favored, provide eligibility to apply for campus financial support programs, and increase utilization of available services through improved visibility to the campus community.

The RFA process can be found here. The application deadline is January 22. Announcements of CRFC designations are expected on or around February 22, 2016.