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SPO Training: Cayuse 424 and NIH ASSIST

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Cayuse 424

Used to submit proposals to most Federal sponsors through (in place of Workspace).

Cayuse 424 FAQs

  1. What are some advantages of submission via Cayuse 424 (in place of Workspace)?
    • Auto-population of institutional data in the SF 424.
    • The ability for multiple users to view and edit the proposal simultaneously.
    • The ability for a PI to continue work on the science/research section while the Sponsored Programs Office reviews finances and potential issues regarding compliance with sponsor and university policies.
    • 424 validates proposals against sponsoring agency mechanism guidelines and requirements.
    • Can copy proposals for resubmission, reducing data entry.
    • As the system administrator for almost all Cayuse functions, the UC Davis Sponsored Research Office has more ability to assist users compared to eRA Commons.
    • Much faster response time from Cayuse support for issues vs. eRA Commons support.
    • 424 stores documents relevant to the proposal, facilitating file search and communication.
    • 424 automatically integrates subaward budgets and personnel information with a prime proposal.
  2.  I receive an error message when attempting to login to What do I do? If you are using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, please clear your cache/browser history and try again. If you are not using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, please try again in one of those two browsers. If you still cannot login, email [email protected] and provide details of what you are experiencing. If possible, please also provide a screenshot.
  3. How can I grant access to someone else to be able to edit my Cayuse 424 Professional Profile? Others can update the Professional Profiles if the faculty member has given you permission on his/her 424 Professional Profile. To grant access to another person, add them in the permissions section of your Professional Profile. Detailed instructions are available in the Cayuse 424 – Setting up your professional profile guide. 
  4. The opportunity I want to apply to is not in Cayuse 424, and Cayuse 424 is not able to download the opportunity. How can I get the needed opportunity imported into Cayuse 424? This is likely occurring because the program opportunity was recently released. Call the Cayuse Help Center at 1-877-689-3661 and request the opportunity be added.
  5. I am applying for an NIH supplement to an existing NIH grant. How do I determine which opportunity in Cayuse 424 to select? Unless directly instructed otherwise by the relevant program officer, select the supplement package that matches the existing/parent grant type. For example, if the existing/parent grant is an R01, select the supplement package for research- FORMS-E-ADMINSUPP-RESEARCH.
  6. How do I upload a non-PDF attachment to my Cayuse 424 proposal? Only system administrators and Sponsored Programs analyst may upload non-PDF attachments to include in proposal submission to the sponsor. Provide the necessary document for upload the assigned Sponsored Programs analyst.
  7. How do I submit a proposal with outgoing subawards? Please see the guidance in the Handbook for Submitting a Proposal with Subawards.
  8. How do I submit a proposal as a Subaward institution (when UC Davis is the subawardee)? In Cayuse 424, go to the Proposals tab. Then select Create Proposal. Select Research Subaward Proposal from the list. After the proposal is approved by the Sponsored Programs Office, export the file and email it to the prime applicant.
  9. Either the Principal Investigator or someone else on the Approval and Routing chain approved the proposal in Cayuse 424, but a change is needed. How do I reopen the proposal for revision? The person(s) that approved the proposal first needs to retract their approval. This is done by re-selecting the check box. After retracting the approval, go the Permissions tab and select the “Write” access checkbox for anyone other than the Principal Investigator. Contact [email protected] if assistance is needed.


Written materials:

YouTube videos:

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NIH Application Submission System and Interface for Submission Tracking (ASSIST)

Used to submit grant proposals to NIH

Written materials:


  • Submitting Single-Component Applications in NIH ASSIST – This 2 hour quarterly Research Administration Workshop took place via Zoom Thursday, January 26, 2023.
  • Submitting Multi-Component Proposals to NIH (in ASSIST) – This 2 hour quarterly Research Administration Workshop took place via Zoom Thursday, August 11, 2022. 
  • Electronic Research Administration (eRA) (Instructor-Led Training or eCourse) – This course provides an overview on the use of electronic Research Administration systems to prepare and submit research proposals, and manage research awards or subawards, such as eRA Commons, NIH ASSIST and It focuses primarily on Cayuse SP, used to route proposals internally for institutional approvals, and Cayuse 424, linked to and used to submit proposals to MOST federal sponsors, and includes exercises in the use of both. The eCourse takes approximately 1 hour to complete. Prerequisite–Recommended: Sponsored Programs Essentials (eCourse)