Office of Research Manage Trainings - Office of Research

Manage Trainings

Process training requests:

  1. Check for new requests via email (if notifications are set up)
    or via HOME view Training Requests in notification bar or task box
    or via TRAINING tab >> View all the training requests
  2. Click Training Request ID# to see details of a request
    • add comments as needed
    • select notification back to requester
    • enter a training type (free text) or select from previous types used
    • validate request (or reject)
  3. Book a training session for the validated request
    • From HOME >> Book a system or from the BOOK tab, select the instrument
    • Book an instrument on behalf of the user to be trained
    • Select the appropriate financial account
    • Select the blocks of time for the training
    • Select Organize training at bottom
    • Select Trained by person
    • Select Book the selected sessions
  4. Complete the Training Creation details
    • Training Type (this is a repeat field)
    • Training Level (select from pre-populated options)
    • Training Description (add details as needed)
    • Add users as part of this training (can add multiple people)
    • Process Training (will create a training ref #)
  5. Validate Training
    Once the training sessions has been completed,

      • From HOME>> Select TRAINING tab
      • Select Ref # of session
      • Validate individual Participants
      • Validate this training for all unvalidated users
        • select instruments in the pop-up
      • Add files as needed (e.g. signed logs or safety sheets)


TIP: need to add a list of already trained users?

Book a dummy training session with one individual (can be in the past). Add other users as in step 4 from the Training Request Guide. Then validate all unvalidated users.