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PHS Funded (Including Adopted Organizations)

Under federal law and UC Davis Policy (per UC Davis PPM 230-07), if your research is sponsored by a PHS agency or other organization that has adopted the PHS financial conflict of interest rules, you must complete and submit the Online Disclosure and Online Training.

Please see the list of organizations that require compliance with PHS regulations. This list of PHS agencies is taken from the U.S. DHHS Organizational Chart and UCOP. Because there may be changes, if the agency you are interested in is not on this list and you are unsure if it is a PHS agency, check with the Research Compliance & Integrity unit (RCI).

Requirements Include:

Disclosure Assistance & Tips:

PHS Training:

The COIR (Conflict of Interest for Researchers Briefing) training was updated in 2016 which continues to encompass PHS training. Any investigator who completes the COIR training will fulfill the NIH (PHS) mandatory training which is required every 4 years.

  • Access to Mandatory Training for PHS Researchers: Log in to the UC Learning Center using your UCD LoginID and Kerberos password.
  • Students and Affiliates: You will need to contact SDPS ( to create an LMS user account to access the PHS-COI or COIR training module.
  • Search for keyword “COIR” in the UC Learning Center search bar on the left of your screen.
  • Select the Conflict of Interest class, and click “Start.” The online course will then launch.

For Subrecipients (Outgoing Subawards):

For subrecipients that do not have a PHS compliant conflict of interest policy, the subrecipient must either implement a compliant conflict of interest policy or agree to abide to follow UCD policies and complete the required Financial Disclosure forms before a subaward can be issued:

Electronic Conflict of Interest (eCOI) System:

This system is used for submitting your conflict of interest forms (700-U, Form 800, PHS Form) online.


Need Help Getting Started? PHS Quick Start Guide (Version 4.01.2020)


For Questions Contact Research Compliance & Integrity: