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Regulations & Policies

UC Policies

UC Davis Policy & Procedure Manual:

UC Davis 230-05 COI Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): 230-05 SOP

UC Davis IRB Standard Operating Procedure (SOP): HRP-055.

Academic Personnel Manual:

Academic Senate Bylaw 335, Privilege and Tenure: Divisional Committees—Grievance Cases (May 23, 2001), and Davis Division Bylaw 87, Privilege and Tenure.

Personnel Policies for Staff Members:

UC Davis Health Hospital Policies and Procedures:

UC Office of the President:

Federal Laws and Regulations

  1. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR):
  1. U.S. Code Title 41, Sections 51-58, Anti-Kickback Act of 1986.
  2. OMB Circular A-110, Uniform Administrative Requirements for Grants and Agreements With Institutions of Higher Education, Hospitals, and Other Non-Profit Organizations.

California State Laws and Regulations

  1. Government Code Section 81000 et. seq., Political Reform Act.
  2. California Code of Regulations, Title 2, Division 6, Section 18110 et. seq., Regulations of the Fair Political Practices Committee.

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