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UC Davis Implementation Task Force

The Office of the President has convened a systemwide task force to look at policies and procedures in the guidelines as they apply to UCOP. UC Davis has representation on this task force.

A campus taskforce has also been convened because the new guidelines have campus-wide impacts as well. The UC Davis Federal Uniform Guidance Implementation Task Force has been charged to:

  1. Identify necessary policy and procedure changes on our campus to implement the new guidelines;
  2. Draft policy and guideline changes and obtain necessary approvals to implement these changes;
  3. Work with IT resources to provide necessary changes to systems necessary for implementing the new guidance;
  4. Create education materials and outreach mechanisms to prepare campus for the changes ahead;

The task force will engage the campus community in evaluating and addressing any policy and procedure issues resulting from the guidelines. A progress report will be presented to campus leadership by October 2014, and a final report will be submitted by January 2015 for campus leadership. the new guidelines go into effect for fiscal year 2015-16.

Task Force Membership


  • J Michael Allred
    Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance/Controller
  • Cindy Kiel
    Executive Associate Vice Chancellor, Office of Research
Subcommittee Lead Sections
Pre-Award / Sub-Award Ahmad Hakim-Elahi
Joe Garrido
Paula Noble (subawards)
200 – 211
306 – 309
330 – 332
Appendix I & II
COI Craig Allison
Costing Mike Legrand 400 – 414
418 – 429
432 – 475
Appendix III
Purchasing Janice King 317 – 326
Property Courtney Finn 310 – 316
Post Award & Closeouts James Ringo 300 – 305
327 – 329
343 – 345
Effort / Personnel Charges Debra Henn 430 – 431
Audits Amy Holzman 303
500 – 521
Communication and Outreach Barbara Brady
AJ Cheline
Faculty Senate Representative Committee on Committees
Departmental Administrative Representative ADMAN group – Sara Reed
Analyst Support Katherine Zoloty