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Links to Funding Sources

Sponsoring agencies provide listings of funding announcements and other pertinent information about obtaining research funding. Visit federal agencies, state agencies, non-profit organizations and other sponsors’ websites to learn about the funding opportunities they provide. If the sponsor limits the number of proposals an institution may submit, investigators will first need to submit an internal letter of intent (LOI) in the InfoReady Review system:

Early Career Researcher Funding

There are various resources and funding opportunities available to support early career researchers. Many of the funding programs are only available to researchers at the assistant professor level, whereas others are also available to postdoctoral scholars and graduate students.

Early Career Researcher Listserv

The Funding Opportunities Program Coordinator distributes funding opportunities aimed at supporting early career researchers via the [email protected] listserv. The posted opportunities can also be accessed in the Research Funding system.

InfoReady Review System

The InfoReady Review system is the resource for limited submissions and other internally coordinated funding opportunities at UC Davis. Researchers may identify funding opportunities and submit internal letters of intent (LOIs) to limited submission and coordinated submission programs.


Pivot is a great tool for finding funding opportunities and potential collaborators both within and external to UC Davis. Researchers can create unique funding searches, choose to receive weekly emails based on those searches, track relevant opportunities, and view curated lists in addition to creating a funding search based on the account holder’s profile. Create your profile today to receive the full benefits of Pivot at no charge to you!

The Funding Opportunities Program Coordinator created the following curated searches for the use of early career investigators on campus:

UC Davis Office of Research Funding Programs


  • Science Translational & Innovative Research (STAIR) Grant

  • UC Davis – Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Joint Mentorship Awards

    1. Review the program guidelines and note any additional required documents
    2. Complete the Internal Research Funding Programs Application Form [DOC]
    3. Submit Internal Research Funding Program form with required signatures of approval, and any additional required documents to [email protected] (by mail or delivery to: Office of Research, Attn: Business & Finance, 1850 Research Park Drive, Suite 300, Davis, CA 95618)
  • Principal Investigator (PI) Bridge Program

    This program provides one-time funding to PI’s who have lost or will lose their primary extramural funding. Funds ensure the continuation of a research project for an interim period until extramural support can be re-established.

    PI Bridge Program Guidelines | Internal Research Funding Form

    School of Medicine PI’s, please review this document: SOM PI Bridge Funding Process

  • Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program

    The Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program has four components.

    1. Equipment Match: Provides cost sharing or matching funds for equipment when required by an external sponsor
    2. Cost Sharing: Provides matching funds for proposals to government and not-for-profit organizations when required by the sponsor
    3. Multidisciplinary Proposal Support: Provides project development support (e.g. clerical, travel, supplies and expendables, or grant writing assistance)
    4. Basic Research Grants: Supports the development of new Organized Research Units (ORUs), Organized Research Programs (ORPs) or new research centers

    Important Deadlines: Funding requests to support grant proposals or contracts must be provided to the Office of Research at least five (5) weeks prior to funding agency deadline if the funding request involves participation from three or more schools or colleges, or at least three (3) weeks prior to funding agency deadline if less than three schools or colleges are involved.

    Any funding requests NOT submitted within these time periods may not be considered for funding.

    Proposal Preparation and Matching Funds Program Guidelines | Internal Research Funding Form

  • Publication Assistance Fund

    The Publications Assistance Fund assists ladder faculty, particularly those early in their career, with the publication of books or monographs and exhibition or performance of works of art representative of University of California standards. The intent of the fund is to defray certain costs that would not normally be covered by the publisher, thus enhancing the possibility of the work to be published. This program is co-sponsored by the Office of Research and the participating colleges and schools.

    Publication Assistance Fund Guidelines | Internal Research Funding Form


University of California

  • Cancer Research Coordinating Committee
  • Discovery Grant
  • Research Initiatives (Multicampus Research Programs and Initiatives, Proof of Concept Program: Commercialization Gap Grants, Discovery Grant, Laboratory Fees Research Program)

Non-Profit Organizations and Private Foundations

Interested investigators should contact the Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement before contacting or submitting an application to a private foundation. The Office of Foundation and Corporate Engagement provides assistance in making meaningful connections with foundations and in identifying proposal support services. Email [email protected] for more information.

Industry Funding

Click here to access a list of industry funding opportunities assembled by Foundation and Corporate Engagement.