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Other Processes

Request a Sponsor Code

Submit the Sponsor Code Request form to [email protected] when a new sponsor code needs to be requested from UCOP.

Request Principal Investigator Exception

Request for Exception to Policy on Eligibility to Undertake Sponsored Research/Other Sponsored Activity 
UC policy states that only qualified members of the Academic Senate and appointees in other eligible title groups listed in the UC Academic Senate policy may submit proposals without the need for an exception.


  • Form 105 (PDF): Request for Exception to Policy on Eligibility to Undertake Sponsored Research/Other Sponsored Activity (PDF). Complete the form, obtain the appropriate signatures and upload as a Proposal Attachment in the relevant Cayuse SP Internal Processing Form (IPF). Dept/unit chair approval will be obtained via IPF approval if the form is uploaded into Cayuse SP before submitting the IPF for routing.

Submit a Post-Proposal Action, including Just-in-Time Requests, to SPO

Post-proposal actions include:

  • Just-in-Time requests
  • Informing SPO that a proposal was not funded
  • Any other actions occurring after submitting a proposal to a sponsor and before the proposal is awarded

Certain sponsors’ grants policies allow for the submission of certain elements of a competing application to be deferred for certain programs and award mechanisms. These elements, that can be submitted Just-in-Time (JIT) by the applicant when requested by a sponsor, may include:

The sponsor will notify the Principal Investigator (PI) electronically if a JIT submission is required. When the PI receives the JIT request, forward it immediately to the appropriate Sponsored Programs proposal analyst. Once the JIT request is completed, access to submit should be given to the Sponsored Programs proposal analyst. Once access is given, the proposal analyst should be notified by email that the JIT is ready and access has been granted to complete a final review. If the JIT is amenable for submission, the proposal analyst will then submit on behalf of the investigator and the institution.

If you are notified that an application was not selected for funding, send the ‘not-funded’ notification to [email protected].

Change a Primary Administrative Contact

If the primary administrative contact changes for proposals, awards, subawards, or for all proposals within an administrative unit or assigned to a specific Principal Investigator, the Principal Investigator or administrative unit may request the change be made on the Cayuse SP records by submitting the Cayuse Administrator Update Request form.

Email the completed Cayuse Administrator Update Request form to [email protected].

Request an Advance Account

UC Davis Policy 230-06 provides Principal Investigator’s the opportunity to plan activities and under certain circumstances, begin a project before actual receipt of the award document. An Advance Account may be established for a project prior to receipt of award only if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. There is a compelling reason to expend funds prior to receipt of award.
  2. There is verbal or written confirmation to the Office of Research from the sponsor’s contract officer or grants management officer that an award is forthcoming.
  3. The requested advance dates fall within the sponsor’s anticipated award period.
  4. The guidelines from the sponsor do not prohibit commitment of funds before an award is fully executed.
  5. Expenditures will be in accordance with the expected budget categories and limits, sponsor’s guidelines and UC Davis policies and procedures.
  6. There are funds available within the department, organized research unit or college/school to cover the expenditures in the event an award fails to materialize.

Please note: Under the Uniform Guidance, pre-award costs under federal awards now require “written” approval. Such costs are allowable only to the extent that they would have been allowable if incurred after the date of the federal award and only with the written approval of the federal awarding agency.


  • Advance Account Requests must be submitted from the original proposal/IPF in Cayuse SP and include the following information:
    • Evidence of a firm commitment from the sponsor uploaded as a Proposal Attachment
    • Completed Advance Account Request Form in Cayuse SP that provides:
      • Sponsor contact
      • Department account number to be charged in the event the sponsor does not fund the project
      • Amount of request
      • Project period for requested (advance) funds
      • Justification for request
    • Detailed instructions are available in the Handbook for Department Contract & Grant Staff, Principal Investigators and Approvers.
  • If approved, Sponsored Programs transmits the request to the Accounting Office, Extramural Funds. The Accounting Office assigns the appropriate account and fund number and notifies the department.
  • If the award is not funded as anticipated, or if pre-award costs are disallowed by the sponsor, then the signatory(ies) under item 6 in the list above is(are) responsible for identifying appropriate unrestricted fund sources under their control to cover such cost overruns or disallowances. Further, Deans are accountable for all funds administered by units under their control. See PPM Section 330-31.


  • Cayuse SP: Submit the Advance Account Request from the relevant Cayuse SP proposal.


Transfer an Award to/from UC Davis

See instructions on the Awards and Award Modifications page.