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SPO Training: Advance Accounts and Clinical Trials

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The following materials have been developed to assist with advance account requests and with submitting industry-sponsored clinical trial requests. Advance account requests provide PIs and Departments an opportunity to initiate a project and begin accruing charges for that project prior to receipt of a confirmed award.

Advance Accounts FAQs

  1. How do I request an Advance Account? The Advance Account Request form is initiated from the Cayuse SP Proposal. Instructions are available (on pages 47-49) in the Cayuse SP Handbook for PIs, Department C&G Staff and Approvers. Please note the following is required:
    • Sponsor contact
    • Department Account Number to be changed in the event the sponsor does not fund the project
    • Amount of request
    • Project period for requested funds
    • Justification for request
    • Completion of required compliance items
  2. Why am I receiving an error message that there are no designated approvers for a department/unitThis warning displays when there are no College/School level Pre-Award Spending Approvers for the administering unit of the proposal. No action is needed unless the unit code displayed in the warning is the unit code of the administering unit. If the unit code displayed is the administering unit, contact the Role Manager for that unit.
  3. How do I update the project dates on an Advance Account Request I submitted? Request that SPO update the request via email to [email protected], if there is an award document from the sponsor, or to [email protected] if there is not yet an award document from the sponsor.
  4. How do I check the status of an Advance Account? To check the status, go to the Proposal for which the account was request. Then go to the Advance Accounts tab. Following are the status definitions.
    • Submitted: Not yet assigned to a SPO analyst. This may be waiting the first authorization from the department and/or dean, if applicable.
    • Authorized: Authorized by the department and/or dean, if applicable, and assigned to an analyst in Sponsored Programs for review.
    • Funded: Approved (SPO will also email you when/if the request is approved.)
    • Deleted: Not approved or withdrawn.
    • Rejected: Rejected by the department and/or dean, if applicable.


Brief Advance Account YouTube “How To…” videos:

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