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SPO Training: Award Processing

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The following materials have been developed to assist with the processing of research awards.

Awards FAQs

  1. How do I submit No Cost Extensions for existing awards? Because department and or dean approval is not necessary for No Cost Extensions, email the request to [email protected] with the relevant documentation and noting the Cayuse SP number or historical SPO number. Do not submit a new Internal Processing Form.
  2. How do I submit an After the Fact proposal for which I have received a Notice of Award? Submit the After the Fact proposal by creating a new Proposal in SP and following the modified instructions found in the Cayuse SP Handbook for PIs, Department C&G Staff and Approvers.
  3. Why are awards that were executed in July 2017 not displaying in My Awards or Awards in My Unit? All awards that were worked on by Sponsored Programs on or after July 1, 2017 are displaying in SP. However, this does not mean that all awards executed on or after July 1, 2017 are included in SP. If an award was fully executed in July 2017, but all work was by Sponsored Programs was conducted before July 1st that awards will not be included in SP.
  4. How are new accounts established for funded awards? Contracts and Grants Accounting (CGA) establishes new accounts. CGA is notified via a feed at 4:00 am each business day of awards made Active the prior business day.
  5. How do I change the Department Admin listed for an Award or on a Project in Cayuse SP? Complete the Cayuse Administrator Update Request and email it to [email protected]. Changes will be made quarterly.
  6. What Proposal Type should I choose? View our Actions and Proposal Types table to determine the correct proposal type of a specific action


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