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SPO Training: Proposal Budgeting

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The following materials have been developed to assist with proposal budgeting.

Budget FAQs

  1. How does SP calculate salary? Salary is calculated automatically through HR Connect. Salary information will updated to the latest information available in PPS twice per month. If you make changes to this in your Cayuse 424 professional profile, those changes will be overwrote to match the PPS system during the next update.
  2. What does “allocation of credit” mean? “Allocation of credit” is determined by the lead principal investigator to demonstrate the contribution of the lead principal investigator and co-investigators for a specific project. This data will be used for ad hoc reports from campus leadership regarding investigator productivity and contribution to campus research. These reports are often requested in the context such as retention, space allocation and invitations for panel discussion participation, etc. “Allocation of credit” must equal 100% across all Key Personnel on the Investigators/Research Team tab. If “allocation of credit” is not entered on the IPF received, Sponsored Programs will allocate the credit equally across the lead principal investigator and co-investigators.
  3. Is an internal budget required? A detailed internal budget is strongly encouraged even when not required by the sponsor. This aids Sponsored Programs in conducting a detailed and accurate review. This should be uploaded in the Proposal Attachments section. Select the document type of “Budget”. SPO encourages use of the OR Budget Templates.
  4. What document type should I select when uploading the budget spreadsheet or internal budget as a Proposal Attachment? For all submissions for SPO review, select the document type of “Budget”. Note that “Budget (UCD Health) should only be selected when submitting an industry-sponsored clinical trial protocol for review by the UC Davis Health Contracts Clinical Trials Contracts Office.
  5. Can budget and submission notes be marked as private? A note’s access can be limited to unit approvers and administrators. The budget comment box is visible to anyone who has access to the proposal.
  6. How do I enter/indicate cost sharing on the Cayuse SP Budget form? Is anything else required? Instructions for entering cost sharing is available in the Cayuse SP Handbook for PIs, Department C&G Staff and Approvers. All cost sharing commitments must be indicated in a signed letter or email from the committing unit (if internal) or organization (if external) and uploaded in Proposal Attachments.
  7. Why is my modular budget from Cayuse 424 not showing? Do not use the pair with 424 functionality in SP. 
  8. Will Cayuse SP accept 0% for the F&A Rate? Yes. Cayuse SP does accept 0% for the F&A Rate. Enter 0% in the F&A Rate text field the bottom of the F&A Rate pop-up screen and select Change Rate. Do not enter an amount in the relevant Base for F&A field(s). Instead, include that amount in the Sponsor Direct Costs field.


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