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At UC Davis, a wide variety of equipment and services is available to all researchers on and off campus through core facilities. The core facilities provide access to technologies, training, and high-quality scientific, technical services delivered by experts, often on a fee or reimbursement basis, to enable, facilitate, or enhance the research mission of the university.

The database below provides information on UC Davis core facilities and shared resource facilities.  You can search by keywords as well as specific instrumentation and services. Please contact RCFP staff with questions or additional shared resources that may be added to this inventory.

FacilityInstrument or ServiceContact PersonEmailPhone No.Facility Website
Advanced Materials Characterization Laboratory (AMCaT)Jeol JEM 2100F-AC Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (aberration-corrected STEM), Kratos Supra Axis XPS, Thermo Fisher Quattro Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope, PANalytical X’Pert Pro X-ray diffraction (XRD), materials sample preparation technologies (cutting, grinding, dimpling, ion-milling, ultramicrotome, …), Fischione Model 1050 Ion Mill, Fischione Nanomill, Fischione Plasma Cleaner, image analysis, optical microscopy, EDX, EELS, electron diffraction
Technical Director: N.N.
Scientific Director: Prof. Klaus van Benthem
Klaus van Benthem[email protected](530) 752-0284
Behavior Research Services CoreStandardized Behavioral Assessments, Cooperative Training and Behavior, Biobehavioral Assessment, CANTAB Intellistations, Lafayette InstrumentsCasey Phi[email protected](530) 752-5179
Bioanalysis and Pharmacokinetics Core FacilityWaters HPLC, Waters Xevo TQ-S Triple Quadrupole MS/MSChun-Yi "Jimmy" Wu[email protected](916) 703-5510
Bioinformatics CoreBioinformatic Data Analysis, High Performance Computing, Software Development, Web DevelopmentMatt Settles[email protected](530) 752-2698
Biological EM facility (CBS)JEOL JEM 1230, JEOL JEM 2100F, FEI Vitrobot Mark III, Denton Vacuum Bench Top Turbo IIIEnoch Baldwin[email protected](530) 752-1108
Biological EM facility (SOM)FEI (Philips) CM120G, FEI (Philips) XL30 TMPPaul Fitzgerald[email protected](530) 752-4701
California National Primate Research CenterFACS Calibur, FACS Aria, LSR FortessaLisa Miller[email protected](530) 752-5123
Campus Mass Spectrometry FacilitiesBruker UltraFlextreme MALDI TOF/TOF, Thermo Orbitrap XL LC-MS, Waters Xevo Qtof+nanoAquity UPLC, Bruker MicroTof, Protein Mass, Peptide Mass, Oligonucleotide Mass, Polymer Mass, Protein ID + Top Down Sequencing, Accurate Mass, Open Access Mass SpectrometryWill Jewell[email protected](530) 752-1786
Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core (CAMI)Leica LMD6000 laser capture microdissection microscope, Leica TCS LSI confocal microscope, ABI Step One Plus, Wild Double Head Dissecting microscope with Q color 3 camera, Autotechnicon Tissue Processor 2A, Leica fluorescent dissecting microscope with Hamamatsu camera, BioRad ChemiDoc Gel Imaging System with Universal Hood II, Cellometer Auto T4 Cell Counter, Leica Cryostat, Leica Biohazard Cryostat (fridgocut), Leica Histoembedder, Leica Microtome Model #RM2255, Leica Paraffin Microtomes (2) Model #RM2155, NanoDrop ND1000 Spectrophotometer, SpectraMax Plus Spectrophotometer, Olympus BH2 Microscope with Q-imaging micropublisher 3 RTV camera, Olympus BH2 Microscope with camera, Immunohistochemistry and staining, Biological tissue sample preparationPatti Edwards[email protected](530) 754-9060
Center for Geotechnical ModelingData Acquisition Design and Support, 9-m Radius CentrifugeDan Wilson[email protected](530) 754-9761
Center for Molecular and Genomic ImagingP4 PET, Discovery 610 PET, InveonMM SPECT, Inveon DPET, Focus 120 PET, InveonMM CT, MicroXCT-125, Biospec 70/30 7T MRI, IVIS Spectrum, Maestro, Optical Cryomicrotome, Storm 860, Leica CM1850, Radiotracers - PET, Radiotracers - SPECTDave Kukis[email protected](530) 754-8960
Center for Nano & Micromanufacturing (CNM2)Alwin 610 RTP/RTA, UV/Ozone Cleaner, Xactix XeF2 Etch, Woolam Elipsometer, Plasmtherm Vision 320 RIE (Fluorine), Plasmatherm Vision 310 PECVD, Plasmatherm HDPCVD, Plasmatherm DRIE, Plasmatherm Apex RIE (Chlorine), Plasmatherm Apex ICP (Chlorine/Fluorine), Plasma Eqiupment Tech RIE, PicoSun PEALD, Lesker Lab18 DC/RF Sputter, Labline Sputtering System, LabLine E-Beam Evaporator (Magnetic Materials), LabLine E-Beam Evaporator, GCA 8500 Stepper, Karl Suss MA-4 Mask Alligner #2, Karl Suss MA-4 Mask Alligner #1, FEI SEM Nova 430, FEI Scios Dual Beam, EVG 810 Wafer Plasma Activation, Brewer CEE Spin Coater, CHA E-Beam Evaporation, EMS Sputter Gold and Carbon Coater, EVG 510 Wafer Bonder, EVG 620 Mask Alligner with BSA
Technical Director/Laboratory Manager: Dr. Ryan Anderson
Scientific Director/Faculty Director: Prof. Klaus van Benthem
Dr. Ryan Anderson[email protected] (530) 752-9831
Chemistry X-ray FacilityBruker APEX2 Single Crystal Diffractometer Mo, Bruker Duo Single Crystal Diffractometer Mo Sealed Tube / Cu Microsource, Bruker Duo Single Crystal diffractometer Mo & Cu Microsources, Bruker D8- Eco Advance Cu Powder DiffractometerJames Fettinger[email protected](530) 754-7822
Community Computing ClustersScientific Research ComputingBill Broadley[email protected]
Comparative Pathology Laboratory (CPL)Anatomic Pathology - Necropsy, tissue collection, gross and histopathologic evaluation, lesion scoring, photomicroscopy services; Specialization in laboratory rodents with experience in dog, cat, avian, reptile, fish, amphibian, and small livestock pathology; Clinical Pathology - Hematology (Drew HemaVet 950FS) and serum biochemistry analysis (Roche Integra 400 Plus) designed for small sample volumes; Microbiology - Aerobic microbial cultures for clinical patient care, health surveillance (sentinel testing), environmental monitoring (swabs, RODAC, water, and autoclave testing), as well as research; Molecular Diagnostics - Comprehensive quantitative PCR assays for viral, bacterial, and metazoan pathogens of rodents, ruminants, and aquatic animals (QiaCube HT Automated Extraction System, BioRad CFX Opus 384 RT PCR System); Parasitology - Direct examinations, tape tests, and fecal flotations performed for clinical patient care, health surveillance, or research; Specialization in identification of parasites from laboratory rodents, ruminants, and aquatic species; Serology - Immunoreactivity to viral or bacterial agents screened by ELISA, IFA, or Luminex bead technology. Stefanie Carroll[email protected](530) 752-2832
Contained Research Facility (CRF)Biosecurity Level III, Plant SpaceKris Godfrey[email protected](530) 754-2104
Controlled Environment Facility (CEF)165 Conviron Growth ChambersKevin Roberts[email protected](530) 752-1906
Crocker Nuclear LaboratoryPANalytical Epsilon 5, HAAS VF2 CNC Mill, ACRA CNC Lathe, Manual Mills, Lathes and Welders, Proton Beam, Nuetron Beam, Rad Effects, Electrical & Electronic Services, Radiation Survey Meter ServicesAnthony Wexler[email protected](530)754-6558
DNA Technologies and Expression Analysis CoresIllumina HiSeq 3000/4000 Sequencer, Illumina HiSeq 2500 Sequencer, DNA Illumina Sequencing Library Preps, PCR-free DNA Sequencing Library Preps, Amplicon Sequencing Library Preps , ChIP-seq Sequencing Library Preps, RNA-seq Sequencing Library Preps, microRNA-seq Library Preps, Bisulfite Sequencing Library Preps, RRBS Sequencing Library Preps, Reduced Representation Library Preps, Ultralow Input RNA-seq Sequencing Library Preps, Ribo-depletion, Poly-A Enrichment, Mate Pair Library Preps, PacBio SMRT Sequencing Library Preps, 10X Genomics Library Preps, DNA Sonication, Sequencing Library QC, Sequencing Library Pooling, RNA Sample QC, Microarray Gene Expression Analysis, Microarray Genotyping, High Throughput SNP Genotyping, Library Size Selection, Illumina MiSeq Sequencers, PacBio RSII Sequencer, 10X Genomics GemCode, Covaris E220 Focussed-Ultrasonicator, Diagenode Bioruptor Sonicator, BluePippin Targeted Size Selection, Agilent Bioanalyzer 2100, Perkin Elmer LabChip Gx, FilterMax F5 Plate Reader (Molecular Devices), BorealGenomics Aurora, Fluidigm C1 single cell processor, Fludigm EP1, Illumina iScan, Wafergen Apollo 324 Library Prep Robot, Caliper ScicloneG3 NGS Library Prep Robot, Nanodrop, QubitLutz Froenicke[email protected](530) 754 9143
Electron Microprobe FacilityCameca SX-100 Electrom MicroprobeGordon Moore[email protected](530) 752-5829
Genomics Shared Resource (GSR)Next-Generation Sequencing, NGS Library Preparation, Affymetrix Microarrays, Agilent Microarrays, NanoString nCounter Gene Expression Analysis, Nucleic Acid Isolation and QC, Data Analysis and Bioinformatics, Assay development, Clinical Sample Processing, Targeted Sequencing Panels, Targeted RNA-Seq Analysis, Cell-free and Circulating DNA and RNA Analysis, Blood Genomic Analyses, Single-cell NGS Library Preparation, Illumina Miseq Desktop Sequencer, Affymetrix Microarray Processing Instrumentation, Agilent G2565CA High-Resolution Scanner, Nanodrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer, Qubit Fluorometer, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, Thermal Cyclers, Polytron and TissueRuptor Homogenizers, Diagenode BioruptorClifford Tepper[email protected](916) 703-0366
Greenhouse FacilityGreenhousesGarry Pearson[email protected](530) 752-2152
Health Sciences District Advanced Imaging Facility (HSDAIF)Leica TCS SP8 STED 3X Confocal Microscope, Leica TCS SP8 MP Multiphoton Microscope, Computer WorkstationIngrid Brust-Mascher[email protected](530) 752-8854
Interdisciplinary Center for Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICPMS)Nu Plasma HR, New Wave Research UP-213 UV Laser, class 100 clean lab sample preparation, Agilent 7500ce, New Wave Research UP-213 w/ Agilent 7500a, Clean Lab Sample PreparationJustin Glessner[email protected](530) 752-1802
Keck Spectral Imaging FacilityFV1000 Laser Scanning Confocal Microscope, MFP3D Atomic Force Microscope, Confocal Raman Microscope, Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope with EDSGang-yu Liu[email protected] (530)-754-9033
MCB Light Microscopy Imaging FacilityAPI/GE DeltaVision RT-QLM Deconvolution Microscope, Olympus FV1000 Spectral Scan Dual Scan Confocal Microscope, 3i Marianas Spinning Disk Confocal Microscope, Nikon N-SIM Structured Illumination Microscope, Nikon N-STORM Localization Microscope, Nikon High Content and Deconvolution Microscope, Amnis ImagestreamX Mk II Imaging CytometerMichael R Paddy[email protected](530) 754-6584
Multimodal Imaging CoreLeica Stero Microscope, Oylmpus BX61 Microscope, Oylmpus VS110 Whole Slide Scanner, Microtome, Visiopharm Work Station, 2470 Wizard2 Automated Gamma Counter, HPLC System, Ultrasound Imaging Services, microPET Imaging Services, Optical Imaging Services,PET/CT Imaging Services, Radiolabeling, PK/PD, Cell and Gene TransferAlice F. Tarantal[email protected](530) 752-3266
Murine BioMethods Laboratory (MBML)Modular Shuttle Box with electric grid (Passive Avoidance Test), CleverSys, Inc., Treadscan System 2.0 (Gait Analysis), Panlab - Harvard Apparatus: SMART v3.0.03 (Y Maze), DSI Telemetry System, HD-X11 Inplantable Telemeter, Ponemah Physiology Platform Viewer, Visual Sonics, Vevo 2100 Ultrasound System, Kent Scientific Corperation: CODA Non Invasive Blood Pressure System, 8-arena system, Panlab - Harvard Apparatus: SMART v3.0.03 (Morris Water Maze; MWM), Panlab - Harvard Apparatus: SMART v3.0.03 (Radial Arm Water Maze), Panlab - Harvard Apparatus: SMART v3.0.03 (Elevated Plus Maze), Animal Grip System with Chatillion Force Meter (DFE-002), Columbus Intsruments, Opto Varimex-4 Auto Track, 8 -chamber system (Open Field test), SR-Lab Startle Response System, 6-chamber system (Acoustic Startle and Prepulse inhibition), Columbus Intsruments, Comprehensive Laboratory Animal Monitoring System (CLAMS), Mouse Scpecifics, Inc.: ECGenie System (ECG; EKG), Roche, Accu-Chek Aviva Glucometer with Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strip (ipGTT), Faxitron X-ray Corporation, MX-20, Lunar Pixi, SXR-80-14-2A (Body Composition, DEXA), Tucker-Davis Technologies (TDT), RZ6/RA4LI (Auditory Brain Response; ABR), Necropsy, Embryo collection/dissection, Perfusion, HemaVet 950, Beckman Coulter AU480 Clinical Blood Analyser, Microm HM525 Cryostat, Thermo Scientific Microm HM 355S Microtome, Thermo Scientific Excelsior ES Tissue Processor, Thermo Scientific HistoStar Embedder, Thermo Scientific Varistain Gemini ES Automatic Stainer, Thermo Scientific ClearVue Automatic CoverslipperLynette Bower[email protected](530) 757-5707
Murine Cryopreservation and Recovery Laboraotry (MCRL)IVOS CASA System (computer-assisted sperm analyser), XYClone Laser System, Bio-Cool Controlled-Rate FreezersMing-Wen Li[email protected](530) 757-3282
Murine Genetics and Genetic Engineering Laboratory (MGEL)AB7900HT Taqman Thermal Cycler, NanoDrop, BioAnalyzer, Qiaxcel Capillary Systems, Tetrads Thermal Cyclers, Temperature Controled Micro-Centrifuge Brandon Willis[email protected](530) 757-3353
Murine Stem Cell Laboratory (MSCL)Manipulator, BTX/Harvard Apparatus ECM 630 ElectroCell, BioRad Gene Pulser II, Olympus DP71 Fluorescence MicroscopeJoshua Wood[email protected](530) 757-3191
Murine Targeted Genomics Laboratory (MTGL)Nikon Inverted Microscopes, Eppendorf Micromanipulator and Controllers, Narishige Microinjector, Sutter Micropipette Puller P-97, Narishige Microforge, Narishige Micropipette Grinder, Pronuclear Microinjection, Embryonic Stem Cell Microinjection, CRISPR Microinjection, Embryo Culture, Oviduct and Uterine Embryo Transfer, Embryo CollectionJoshua Wood[email protected](530) 757-3191
NIH NeuroMab FacilityMouse Monoclonal Antibody Generation, Characterization and/or ValidationNeuroMab Facility[email protected](530) 752-8398
NIH West Coast Metabolomics Center (WCMC)GC-TOF MS with BinBase database processing, CSH-QTOF MS with LipidBlast database processing, HILIC-QTOF MS with MS-DIAL data processing, GC-quadrupole MS with internal standards, RP-Qtrap MS/MS, RP-Qtrap MS/MS, RP-Qtrap MS/MS, MetaMapR, MetaboAnalyst, GC-QTOF MS with etox and d9-MSTFA, GC-MS with MTBSTFAOliver Fiehn[email protected](530) 752-8129
Pathogen Detection Laboratory / Primate CenterLuminex 200 (Milliplex), Viia7 Real Time Thermocycler, ABI 7900 Thermocycler, NA Extraction: M48, Promega Maxwell, QiaCube, Microplate Sample Handler, Washer, Reader, Immunoassay Services, PCR Services, Tissue Culture ServicesJoAnn Yee[email protected](530)752-8242
PK/PD Bioanalytical CoreBlood PK (Precipitation), Blood/urine PK (SPE/LLE), Waters Xevo TQS UPLC-MS/MSAiming Yu[email protected](916) 734-1566
Plant Transformation FacilityPlant Transformation and Plant Cell Biology TechniquesDavid Tricoli[email protected](530) 752-3766
Proteomics Core FacilityABI Procise 494 N-terminal Sequencer, Q-Exactive+ Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer, Hitachi 8800, 8800a, and 8900, Brett Phinney[email protected](530) 754-5298
Real-time PCR Research and Diagnostics Core Facility7900 HT Fast, Applied Biosystems, BioSprint, Qiagen, Personal Genome Machine (Ion PGM), SPEX SamplePrep Geno Grinder 2010, Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer, RNA Extraction, cDNA Synthesis, qPCR Reaction, qPCR Assay Design and ValiationSamantha Mapes[email protected](530) 752-7991
Surgical Research Facility (Centaur Facility) at TRACSLarge animal surgical research facility (rabbit, cat, dog, swine, sheep, goat and calf)Amy Lesneski[email protected](951) 609 5638
Translational Human Embryonic Stem Cell Shared Research FacilityFACS-Aria Cell Sorter, Cell Culture Incubators, Zeiss Axio Observer Microscope, Cell Cryopreservation, Realplex, Cryostat, Microtome, Cesium Irradiator, QiaCube, Cryogenic Storage Tanks, Feeders, QC TestingAlice Tarantal[email protected](530) 752-4045
UC Davis Analytical LaboratoryAgricultureal Testing, Environmental Testing, Water Testing, Soil Testing, Plant Tissue Testing Animal Feed Testing, Thermo iCAP 6500 Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer (ICP-AES), Perkin-Elmer/AB Sciex API 2000 HPLC/MS/MS, Dionex ICS-2000 Ion Chromatograph, Timberline Flow Injection Ammonium Analyzer, LECO TruSpeCcarbon/Nitrogen Analyzer, Perkin Elmer Series 200 HPLC with DAD and Fluorescence Detector, Lachat Flow Injection Analyzers (FIA), LECO-FP528 Nitrogen Analyzer, Thermo-Finnegan Series 1112 Carbon/Nitrogen Analyzer, Agilent 6890 Gas Chromatograph with 5973 GC/MS, Agilent 7890A Gas Chromatograph with Flame Ionization Detector (FID), Gerhardt Soxtherm Fat extractor, Skalar Formacs HT TOC/TN Analyzer, CEM Mars Express Microwave Digestor, CEM MDS2000 Microwave Digestor, Thomas Wiley Mill Model 4, Bico-Braun Soil Pulverizer Dirk Holstege[email protected](530) 752-0148
UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratories @UCD CampusBeckman Coulter Moflo, Becton Dickenson LSRII, Becton Dickenson FACScan, Becton Dickenson Canto II, Fluidgm Biomark, iCys Research Imaging Cytometer, Beckman Coulter Moflo Astrios, Beckman Coulter CytoflexBridget Mclaughlin[email protected](530) 752-7205
UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratories @UCDMCBecton Dickenson Influx, Becton Dickenson FACS Aria, Becton Dickenson Fortessa, Becton Dickenson Canto AJonathan Van Dyke[email protected](916) 703-9307
UC Davis GMP FacilityGMP Manufacturing, Clinical Grade Stem Cell Therapy, Cellular and Gene Therapy, Drug FormulationsGerhard Bauer[email protected](916) 703 9305
UC Davis Imaging Research CenterSiemens 64-channel 3 Tesla Skyra MRI System, 3T Siemens Trio Total Imaging Matrix (Tim) Whole-body MRI System, 1.5T Whole-body GE Signa HorizonLX NV/I MRI SystemMichele Ono[email protected](916) 734-4528
UC Davis Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Facility800 MHz Bruker Avance III with Cryoprobe, 600 MHz Bruker Avance III NMR with Cryoprobe, 500 MHz Avance/DRX, 400 MHz Bruker Avance/DRX, 7T Bruker Avance/DRX Horizontal Bore MRI, 500 MHz Bruker Avance I, 400 MHz Bruker Avance IIIHD Nanobay, 600 MHz Varian VNMRS, 300 MHz Varian Mercury Vx, 300 MHz Varian Mercury PlusJeffrey Walton[email protected](206) 235-5415
UCD SOM campus Institute for Regenerative CuresKeyence Microscope, Biostation, Stem Cell Core cell line generation, Sysmex, QA/QC Laboratory, Vector Preparation, MSC/Transduction Core, Teratoma assay and humanized mice, IRC Barrier Vivarium, Umbilical Cord Blood Collection Program, Regulatory CoreJan Nolta[email protected](916) 703-9300
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory (VGL)Sequenom MassARRAY, Applied Biosystems 3730Julia Malvik[email protected](530) 752-2314
W.M.Keck Center for Active Visualization in Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES)Scientific Data Visualization, VR CAVEOliver Kreylos[email protected]
Yin Lab (TIMS, ICP2, Clean Lab)Instrument or Service: Thermo Triton Plus thermal ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS), high precision Cr isotopic measurements and U-Pb analyses; Thermo Scientific Neptune Plus MC-ICP-MS, Thermo Scientific Element XR HR-ICP-MSv, isotope analysis B, Li, Mg, Ca, Cr, Ti, Hf, Lu, W, Pb, and U; Analyte 193H ultra-short pulse excimer laser ablation; 600 sq. ft. Class-10/100 clean room.Qingzhu Yin[email protected](530)-752-0934