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Service & Equipment Locator

At UC Davis a wide variety of equipment and services is available to all researchers on and off campus through Shared Resource facilities (SRFs). In addition, designated Campus Research Core Facilities (CRCFs) have demonstrated excellence is facility operation and professional management. SRFs and CRCFs provide access to technologies, training, and high quality scientific, technical services delivered by experts, often on a fee or reimbursement basis, to enable, facilitate, or enhance the research mission of the university.

The database below provides a detailed list of SRFs and CRCFs at UC Davis together with contacts and URLs. The Table is searchable by key words as well as specific instrumentation and services. This dynamic inventory is designed to facilitate an efficient search for shared resources available at UC Davis.

If you have any questions or comments related to this database please feel free to contact us. Also, please let us know if you like to add a new piece of instrumentation, a new service, or like to amend your searchable keywords. We will continuously update the underlying metadata as necessary.

Enjoy browsing the continuously expanding inventory! Please contact RCFP staff with questions or additional shared resources that may be added to this inventory.

SRF = Shared Resource Facility
CRCF = Campus Research Core Facility
49 facilities listed
400+ instruments & services